¿Encontrarse de nuevo con tu ex es malo?

Running into your ex can be the worst situation of your life depending on the type of relationship you had. But when love comes at the wrong time and is lost due to immaturity, perhaps that meeting can mean a new beginning.

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That a relationship ends will always hurt

Perhaps we are in an era where it is easier for some people to move from one relationship to another, but this does not always have to be so. Actually, these "fleeting relationships" should not be considered as something serious due to the little interest and time that is shared with that other person.

More, however, even today, having someone become your ex can be the worst situation of your life . There are still those people who believe in romanticism, in only getting together with people with whom there really is a sentimental connection beyond any possible physical connection.

We know that connection and physical desire must be important, but what will really determine how far a couple will go will be the sentimental connection that both people have towards each other. Respect and admiration, the desire to support each other and to be able to overcome all obstacles together day by day.

And that is why, for those people who still love the old way, having a relationship end will always hurt and they will live in a time when simply meeting an ex can be the worst situation of your life . This is if you don't know how to approach the subject.

However, if there are some relationships that must end

            Currently, some relationships are called "toxic" because, instead of adding to the well-being of the parties, what it does is harm the people who are in them. This more than all occurs when the parties that make up the union are still immature.

An example of a toxic relationship would be when jealousy goes to unimaginable extremes, when you can no longer talk or spend time with another person without your partner already creating a scene of infidelity in their mind that will later explode into an unmatched claim for the lack of trust.

In the same way, there are those relationships where the claims gain a new level and the violence stops being only verbal to become physical. In this case, whether you are a man or a woman, if you are on the victim's side, please seek help and do not continue to allow someone to continue taking advantage of you.

We know that a relationship ends will always hurt , but if it is a toxic union then you will have to face the pain in order to overcome the trauma of being with a violent person. Over time you will realize that you have made the best decision to have left him / her.

There are relationships that we may never get over

Meeting your ex can be the worst situation of your life if he is a person for whom you keep revealing yourself at night. It may have been a long time since they broke up, and you haven't seen them since, but it's enough to see the person again to feel like time stops.

This is common to happen with our first loves, in the earliest ages when we are beginning to define our taste for the opposite sex (or our same sex) and we are not mature enough to be able to approach the situation in a way that benefits us as we would like

In fact, many people tend to secretly love that best friend or best friend from high school for life because they were never strong enough to confess their love to them, and some others who managed to unite did not live a "happily ever after". due to the lack of maturity that both parties possessed.

There are those who say that there is no purer love than the one that can be felt for someone in adolescence, when everything seems to be our first time. Our first couple, our first date, our first dance, our first kiss, among other first times. That's why, when it's over, running into your ex can be the worst situation of your life .

What should I do if I run into my ex and still have feelings?

            What you should do is be kind, no matter how painful the breakup was and the fact that they were not on good terms, it will never hurt to greet each other again, wonder how everything has been and, if that is the case, a friendly hug. Both of you will have grown a lot from the point where you left each other.

Meeting your ex can be the worst situation of your life , or the best, depending on the actions you commit. One of the most common mistakes that we tend to have in these cases is to ignore them, but will you feel good passing your ex knowing that what you always wanted was to see him again?

Try to make basic small talk, no matter how difficult the moment may be. If you have really moved on, show him that you are no longer the same person as when you finished. You may be in a relationship, and so is your ex, but when fate calls two bodies together we never know when these "chance strikes" will be opportune.

Meeting your ex by chance can be a new beginning

We have mentioned before that relationships with the love of our lives do not always last a "happily ever after", but it is enough to see them again by chance for our whole world to collapse and we feel how time stops.

Meeting your ex can be a new beginning , many times people show on the outside the opposite of what is in our feelings. Do you think he hasn't seen you? Did you last hear that he's in a new relationship? You really won't know if you don't try to get closer again.

Do not let your insecurities keep you away from the person you really love, do not allow yourself to give the wrong image of your current feelings out of pride. Do not allow love to spread from your hands again.

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