Quality guarantee

Our commitment is to offer you a product with the highest quality standards in all our branches, paying special attention to the following aspects:

  1. All of our arrangements will be made on authorized bases with a logo , the baskets will have a plate with the comeme logo , the boxes for chocostrawberries and arrangement holders will likewise have a logo.
  2. Our products are made with the highest quality fruit, paying special attention to the designs .
  3. All our Arrangements are made at the moment, so we assure you freshness and hygiene.

The designs and bases are shown on the official website and the catalogs approved by the franchise. If upon receiving your product it does not comply with these basic rules , the branch will refund 100% of the amount of your purchase.

Any inconvenience, comment or suggestion please direct it to the following email garantias@comeme.com.mx

Actions to take to make a claim for a product quality guarantee bonus:

  1. You must take photographs of the Settlement showing the nonconformity.
  2. The client must contact the branch and send an email with the photograph or evidence of lack of quality guarantee, either in inputs ( brand bases ) or in product quality ( freshness, size, proportion and presentation ).
  3. The branch will evaluate the case and, if applicable, will make the discount to the affected customer.
  4. Each branch will have a record of the photographs to the arrangements for each delivery that is made.
  5. The delivery man will take a photograph upon arrival with the customer as evidence. There will also be the signature of the client who received it indicating its status as evidence .


Dear customer:

We thank you very much for purchasing our products.

At Cómeme we strive to offer you products of the highest quality, paying special attention to satisfying the needs of our distinguished customers.

In the event that your product is not delivered in good condition, or failing that, it is different from the one you chose, taking into account the design, base and accessories.

We ask that you immediately contact the staff of the branch that prepared your order to clarify the disagreements and proceed to validate your Comeme guarantee.

We remind you that you can verify the products on our official website and contact us during office hours by visiting our website www.comeme.com.mx


This guarantee will be valid only when the owner presents the original invoice or proof of purchase (indicating the date of purchase, model and the name of the distributor).

in addition to meeting the following requirements.

  1. Do not have more than 2 hours after receiving the product since our Arrangements are made up of some perishable supplies and fruit that easily lose consistency when exposed to different conditions of both temperature and handling.
  2. Contact the branch to file the corresponding claim to receive confirmation from the branch manager.
  3. You must present a photo of the product at the time of the disagreement, evidencing the state in which it is being delivered.
  4. The client is obliged to present the Ticket, Note or Invoice that proves the purchase thereof.
  5. All items must be returned in their original base, both the arrangement holder in case of an arrangement, the box, the basket and any other input that has been provided in the delivery.
  6. Items that show damage due to misuse by the customer will not be received.
  7. This guarantee does not cover shipping costs generated by transportation.
  8. If the Client picks up the product in the store and signs the order of conformity, the Quality Guarantee will be automatically invalidated.
  9. In the event that the client has involuntarily omitted or made a mistake in the data of the person who receives the arrangement or that the client who receives it is not found and for this reason the product has to be returned to the branch.


Our commitment is to offer you a product with the highest quality standards in all our branches by creating unforgettable moments.

  • All of our arrangements will be prepared on authorized bases with a logo , the baskets will have a plate with the eat me logo , the boxes for chocostrawberries will likewise have a logo . These are distinctive signs that assure you that you are receiving an Original Eat Me Product to your full satisfaction.
  • Any modification and/or addition of fruit by the client in the fruit design cancels any guarantee of original image quality of the product.
  • Any base change to any comeme arrejos frutales product by the customer voids any guarantee of original image quality of the product
  • Any change of decoration in chocolate and/or confectionery to any product comeme arreglos frutales by the customer voids any guarantee of original image quality of the product
  • Availability of bases, containers, baskets and comeme boxes are subject to availability in each branch and may be changed without prior notice.


  • The return of perishable comeme products must be during the first 2 hours after delivery, which must be physically returned in its original packaging at the purchasing branch and showing your purchase receipt.
  • To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be returned to the original branch of sale within a maximum period of 2 hours from delivery. and showing your purchase receipt.
  • Complying with these two steps, the branch will refund 100% of the price of the product, not including the shipping refund.
  • the reimbursement can be by 3 means.
  1. Making a return note in the system and returning the cash.
  2. programming a transfer or bank deposit.
  3. If the sale has been made through the website, the refund will be made through the platform in charge of charging your credit or debit card.


Cómeme Arreglos Frutales guarantees the freshness and good flavor of the fruit used in our products. Even so, the flavor of the fruit is variable according to the brand and the different seasons of the year, so Cómeme Arreglos Frutales reserves the effects caused by said inconsistency outside the franchise.


Our arrangements may vary in the exact amounts of fruit due to:

The size of the fruit is varied, for this reason our arrangements have non-constant amounts of fruit, in order to provide the adequate volume that is shown in each of our official designs in our catalog and official website.

Our arrangements may vary in the fruit that is used in the original image due to:

When the fruit required in one of our products is not available due to being out of season. Each branch adapts and/or replaces said fruit with another prior notice, request and/or authorization from the client.


Hygiene, Flavor and Symmetry.


Registered Trademark and Food Grade Products.


Speed ​​of preparation and punctuality of delivery.