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Cómeme Arreglos Frutales uses Shopify's leading e-commerce technology with more than 250,000 online stores worldwide and processing payments for more than $14 billion dollars annually. Using stores like based on the shopify platform is a reliable and secure way to shop. Shopify's shopping cart software allows you to accept credit cards from around the world and payments using Paypal and is integrated with the banks of Mexico and its security.

Credit card and order data is encrypted and secure. Shopify is PCI Level 1 certified (The highest) and uses 256-bit encrypted security certificates (SSL) to keep all data safe.

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What is the PCI certificate?

The Credit Card Payment Industry Data Security (PCI DSS) is an information security standard for organizations and banks that handle credit and debit card information. Defined by the bank card security standards council, the standard was created to increase controls on the use of credit and debit cards to reduce internet fraud that could be exposed.

Cómeme Arreglos Frutales selected Shopify as the best platform to receive online payments with credit or debit cards since it has the highest level of security certificate available.

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Is Cómeme Arreglos Frutales attached to PCI?

Yes, runs the entire website on the shopify platform and Shopify is certified by PCI level 1, thus, all online stores that run on shopify are PCI Level 1 supported.

We are very serious about protecting our clients' data and we have invested in the best 100% secure and reliable platform. PCI performs annual physical verifications of shopify to guarantee that all controls and procedures are operating correctly in order to revalidate the level 1 certificate, which is why we are sure that your information and data are protected 24x7, 365 days a year. In addition, we do not collect any credit or debit card data, this data is collected directly by the shopify payment system and does not store any bank data, thus ensuring 100% reliability in payments.

Comeme Arreglos Frutales complies with all 6 categories of PCI standards

  • Maintain a secure network.
  • Protect cardholder data.
  • Maintain a Vulnerability Management Program.
  • Implement strong access control measures.
  • Regularly monitor and test networks.
  • Maintain an information security policy.

How do I know that is safe?

To make sure that the site is safe to be able to make payments with a credit or debit card, there are 2 signs that must be observed in any secure site:

  • See that there is a green lock in the upper left of the browser at the beginning of the site address. Remember that the padlock must be in green color without any mark like "x" above it or a graphic, it has to be exactly at the beginning of the website address. Additionally, you can "click" on the green padlock to show the details of the certificate and guarantee that it is a secure site.
  • The site must always begin with " https:// " indicating that the connection is secure and encrypted.
https web security ssl

Remember that on sites that are not secure you will receive a notice of problems with the certificate and saying that the certificate might not be trusted, in that case never include any sensitive or payment information.

How Does the Payment Process Work?

A site with encryption technology like never collects or stores banking information, we simply redirect the payment process directly to shopify which handles all payment information in an encrypted form on our behalf. This ensures that financial data is never stored in our online store and is kept confidential.

Online stores that use the Shopify platform such as do not manage or store any credit or debit card information, we simply redirect it to the shopify payment system that approves the charges together with the bank in question on our behalf.

Remember that the company name that will appear on your bank receipt will be the name of the company that managed the charge together with your bank.

Can I pay with another means of payment?

Yes, there are other means of payment that are explained below.

  • Payment with PayPal: If you have a PayPal account you can use this option to pay in the shopping cart.
  • Payment with ComproPago: By selecting this option you can print a purchase receipt and pay for your order at any convenience store such as Oxxos or Super 7.
  • Bank Transfer: Selecting this option you will receive instructions to make a bank transfer to