Frequently Asked Questions Franchises

Can I make the arrangements from my home?

The modality of Cómeme Arreglos Frutales is to have a local or an established branch where it can be a production center to have the levels of quality and supply of fruit arrangements. However, we have a modality where you can have a production center where you can make the arrangements and distribute them from home.

What technical assistance do you offer?

Our technical assistance is quite committed to each one of the franchisees since apart from the training that is given prior to the 12-day training, there is a series of continuous training during the 7 years of the contract, these continuous training are to reemphasize each one of the points and innovations that Cómeme is developing and both for franchisees and their employees, these weekly trainings are done via remote and telephone conference, and different topics are covered from production, marketing, administration, personnel management, apart from this Support is given throughout the pre-opening and inauguration and before the inauguration the support of an architect is given for the issues and questions of the qualification of a new premises 1.- qualification of the architect 2.- support at the inauguration 3 .- the weekly training sessions In addition to all this, the support of all our corporate staff is given to support the questions and needs of the franchisees in an indefinite manner, that is, the corporate has a graphic designer, a web designer , there is an accountant, also a staff of inputs and raw materials, there is an implementation architect, as well as point of sale, production and design staff who will be able to answer your questions during office and operating hours throughout the year. year and constant and frequent training is carried out to carry out this technical support, another type of technical support is training for franchisees, on an annual basis where all franchisees are called to update themselves on the evolution and progress of the franchise throughout the republic . In terms of technical support, innovations are given to new designs, new arrangements and product lines, updates to manuals, marketing manuals, strategies, and techniques and processes, and design updates are also provided in printed catalogs. Regarding the designs and promotions on the website and marketing of social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. Advice on marketing strategies to be able to initialize an expectation towards a future inauguration in a city, a summarized market study is made to support investors and franchisees in decision-making, technical support is also given to each one of the franchisees the support of a summation in a constant and quality manner.

Do I need to hire professional chefs?

No professional or experienced chefs are needed, all the training required to capture fruit arrangements, smoothies, and chocolate fountain rental service, is obtained during the training given by the corporate to the franchisees during twelve intensive days with a training and teaching methodology, both face-to-face, electronic and videoconference, 5 days are carried out at the headquarters, and 5 days with our staff at the franchisee's already enabled branch.

How will I learn to do the arrangements and the rest?

Through the training method of eat me we have trainers of the designs of each of the arrangements and also have recipe books with the ingredients and specific portions for each of the arrangements and apart from all the catalogs with the exclusive images of eat me fruit arrangements.

Is there financing or support?

There is financing from the PNF (National Franchise Program), in which we support you when managing it.

Can you pay in installments or monthly installments?

It is possible, we have programs for small investors which will allow you to combine your investment; all this is stipulated within our contract.

And do I need all the capital in cash

It is not necessary to have all the capital first hand.

Is the ribbon cut and a party at the inauguration?

Yes, a big party is held on the opening day where previously VIP invitations and radio advertising and flyers are made to summon the inhabitants of the city to attend a big opening party, where there will be a tasting of all the Cómeme products, including the most spectacular fruit arrangements, elegant chocolate fountains and smoothies, there are also gifts, prizes, and this is about publishing in the media in the best possible way with anticipation to create expectation it takes a protocol of an inauguration ceremony where a master of ceremony directs the event and introduces both the franchisees and the corporate members and the ribbon cutting takes place, which can be covered by newspapers and the media as well as be posted on local networks and on the Cómeme website.

How do you support us to enable a branch?

We send an implementing architect to your city where you can carry out an evaluation and transmit all the knowledge to the franchisees and at a given moment if the franchisee wishes to have an almost turnkey where we as a corporate take care of all the details we could quote the qualification and the architectural work in an adequate way to carry out all the details of drywall, plumbing, painting, electricity, etc. and apart from everything that entails the decoration and qualification of a branch Eat me Fruit Arrangements.

Do I have to worry about getting the furniture, the equipment, the materials for everything?

No, the franchise has an investment list where it has already pre-selected national suppliers of refrigeration equipment, furniture and materials for most things. There are certain materials and accessories that each franchisee must arrange to obtain in their locality, such as They are the skills of drywall, painting, some counter furniture and the manufacture of some shelves as well as some decorations, and points related to the qualification of the premises, including electrical and plumbing that must be carried out by the same franchisee in their locality. on your own.

Do you support franchisees in selecting a location or area?

Yes, there is a market study aimed at the prospective city for the franchisee. In addition, we give guidelines, advice regarding the attributes that a store must have and the geographical area, we have the visit of an implementer to your area, to your city ​​to be able to carry out in person the evaluation of the premises, prospects of possible premises, the franchise tries to provide all the tools available in its experience to be able to have the best selection of a place that becomes successful.

Can I sell other other accessories?

You cannot sell other accessories or products that are not approved by the corporate Eat Me Fruit Arrangements. It will not be possible to sell flowers, even if the clients bring them, they cannot be attached to the fruit arrangements, due to health regulations. Each branch must have the list of products and accessories approved by the Cómeme Arreglos Frutales franchise.

Can I buy my own supplies or raw material?

There is only a list of some raw materials that the franchisee can buy locally in their city, that list is found within the contract, and within the manuals, and the rest of the products, raw materials and supplies, are provided directly from the franchise or the corporate Eat Me Fruit Arrangements.

What inputs and raw materials does the franchise provide?

In Cómeme the supplies stipulated in the contract are provided, which include the chocolate, the bases, and all the necessary material to make the arrangements, such as cellophane, Styrofoam, labels, banderillas, baskets, glasses, etc. Which is all the non-perishable material and that is mostly printed with the Cómeme logo. Also part of the inputs are the advertising packages that are printed massively for distribution to all branches, advertising and designs are controlled by the corporate and these will be distributed through physical printing.

What suppliers help me obtain the material?

From the stage of enabling the local implementation of the implementing architect, he will give you a list of the suppliers that have been quoted but we as a corporate have chosen certain national suppliers for different equipment, refrigeration, chocolate fountains, among others, as well We have selected as corporate the suppliers of raw material inputs, including cellophanes, glasses, bases for fruit arrangements, and these are defined and are not changed by any other supplier unless there is an opportunity to find a new supplier with cheaper prices and that can be suggested by the franchisees in these circumstances, a process of change of supplier is carried out globally and nationally, this to create the synergy and economy of scales of buying wholesale for all the branches instead that each one is buying in small proportions in each city.

How do you select your franchisees?

We have a selection process through calls and interviews through our franchise executives, the qualities and attributes of the prospective franchisees can be determined, at the same time as making them known in the different opportunities and qualities of the franchise, there is a process evaluation through a personality test called Hogan that has a value of $200.00 US and is paid by the interested prospective franchisee in order to qualify to have an adequate and responsible profile and personality to be able to comply with long-term contracts, and this It may be defined during the investigation process and the franchisee will be given the opportunity to know if he passed said exam or not, and this will give the franchisee the opportunity to select the different interested parties in each city and grant them those Comeme Arreglos places. Fruit to people who want to be part of this team.

What requirements must I meet for the granting of the franchise?

Firstly, being able to have a good credit history, the one that meets the profile of our ideal franchisee, being between the ages of 25 and over, having a capital of $450,000.00 pesos in liquid or financing terms, having a profession and an entrepreneurial spirit , preferably with experience in personnel management, and the administration of some other company. Also that they can carry out the investigation of all the points and process that our franchise entails in order to be a successful selection that is of mutual interest and that can do it with passion that will lead them to success.

What dates are good for this business?

The main dates for the turn of the Fruit Arrangements are the days of February between the dates of love and friendship, May 10, are the two main dates of the whole year, however we have high season dates such as the months around those two dates, but also in the middle of the year for graduations and special events, at the end of the year for weddings, Christmas, etc. For smoothies and the rental of chocolate fountains all year round, Come Me season, since they are on any hot date and special events throughout the year such as parties and graduations.

Who buys the fruit arrangements?

Fruit arrangements are details of gifts that are bought by the market of medium and high socioeconomic level, they are details that give a detail and prestige to those who are given, it is a product of very good acceptance, which is immediately obvious and can be give to different markets, be it girlfriends, couples, birthdays, anniversaries, there are even designs for children, for men, for athletes, there is a line and a range of athletes, of sports arrangements which include bases in the shape of balls and balls baseball soccer, American football, basketball, just like there is a line of fruit arrangements are specially designed as centerpieces, for weddings, xv years and other types of events, different types of events can also be carried out, work incentives or conferences, lunches for office workers.

What is your product line?

Our line of products includes fruit arrangements, smoothies, and the rental of chocolate fountains. Fruit arrangements are the main activity of the company and are arrangements of cut fruit in the shape of a flower. They are artistic works designed to give a good presentation. and to be a detail, a healthy and delicious gift option, there are a variety of designs, colors, with bases, fruits can also be dipped in chocolate, confectionery, coconut or walnut, with a range with more than two hundred designs is the best option to give on special dates, birthdays, for a couple, in fifteen years, it also serves as centerpieces, etc. Smoothies are fruit pulp milkshake drinks; They are very nutritious drinks that precisely have a mixture of fruits in different varieties that give nutritional properties and are very nutritious. Smoothies we say we have the best smoothies in the world since our smoothies contain 80% fruit pulp and 20% ice and other additives, which is the opposite with any competition, as 80% is ice and very little concentrate. artificial, if at all they put natural fruit. The rental of chocolate fountains goes hand in hand with fruit arrangements and smoothies since it also derives from fruit, chocolate fountains, chamoy, etc. are rented. and so we use elegant and luxurious platters, which can be had at special events, and are served with fruits, strawberries and decoration, etc.

What strategies exist for me to be successful in my city?

In advance, from the signing of a contract, electronic advertising is done both on social networks and search engines, but a strategic advertising campaign begins to be carried out and expectation so that long before the inauguration, preferably 3 or 4 months before, it can be carried out. flyers, billboards, hanging banners or canvases at different strategic points in the city, coupled with a study where surveys and institutional agreements with different gyms, party halls, hospitals, schools, etc. can be carried out. The rise of the product can be carried out in an anticipated way that ensures the success of the branch when it starts operations after its inauguration. The inauguration also in itself an advertising strategy through different media such as television or radio and after being in operation the corporate has a continuous marketing strategy that is implemented in each of the branches and is followed up to be able to carry out I finish analysis, performance report and return on investment of each of the assigned budgets, and comparisons are made with other branches to see what works and what doesn't work and how more sales demand can be scaled and thus implement profitability and the return on investment.

What advertising does the franchise do for me?

The Cómeme Arreglos Frutales franchise as a corporate entity carries out campaigns nationwide through different media, print, electronic, on social networks, on main search engines, such as Google and Yahoo, whose objective is to position the brand in the different markets of the Mexican Republic. and other countries.

Do they have competition?

We have virtually no competition, there are other companies that claim to make fruit arrangements and some similar products, but for us a fruit arrangement IS NOT just a basket with banderillas and fruit strung randomly that anyone could do without having to pay a royalty or a transfer of funds. knowledge. Our fruit arrangements are truly artistic works made by trained professionals, where they are taught the handling and application of chocolate, the creation of different textures in the fruits, they are taught symmetry techniques, color contrast, they are also given training in terms of quality control and customer satisfaction. In addition to everything, we are the only ones in the industry that have a professional catalog, a top-level website, the largest number of fans on social networks, and the most important root web domains in the industry; we own and the main commercial domain of the intranet in fruit arrangements when other companies only use derivatives of it.

Why eat me?

Cómeme Arreglos Frutales as a brand currently has a high level of penetration and positioning in the Mexican market and we are entering other countries as it is a contagious name, easy to pronounce and to take to any other culture or language. This has helped to be a brand "On everyone's lips" and to be strongly positioned at a national level in various media. We have the opportunity to feel part of a group and a family of franchisees that believes in the brand, believes in the potential of the product, we all strive to have a high quality image and fruit art, which will lead us to have the same acceptance and rapid growth that we have experienced so far in the best branches including the parent company. We have grown at a rate of 1 new branch each month since the comeme brand began to be commercialized as a franchise.

How do they compare to other franchises?

Eat Me Fruit Arrangements has several advantages over other franchises including the fact that it is an innovative product and a high penetration rate in any market. The fruit arrangements that Cómeme makes are artistic works with symmetry, flavor and color, being very striking to the eye, craving in their different variations; dipped in chocolate, shapes and flavors of fruits. A fruit arrangement is something that anyone who sees it immediately craves and is inclined to prefer that type of detail, gift or centerpiece than any substitute for flowers, stuffed animals or food, this advantage is very important since the publicity it generates market demand in an easy way. Another advantage of our franchise is the continuous and constant training that not only is training given before the inauguration and we transfer the knowledge to them, but we take them by the hand with each of the steps and we have a corporate support team to help you during all the stages of the evolution of the branch as a franchisee, during all the years of the contract there is a daily, weekly, monthly technical support, and at different levels. We have corporate specialists at the service of each franchisee, including: Graphic Designer, Marketing Manager, Web Designer, Computer Technical Support Specialist, Production Trainers, Accountant, Supplies Coordinator, Franchise Director, etc.