Celebra el día del niño

Children's Day has been declared in Mexico for many years, and together with it, the declaration of children's rights is also proclaimed, which refers to the individual guarantees that each one has and reiterates society's commitment to their protection and well-being. Children's Day is a celebration that we all enjoyed when we were children; our parents showered us with gifts and we were dying to participate in school festivals (some more than others). Little by little that emotion that increased the closer it was to April 30 diminished as we grew up, nowadays most of us celebrate it hand in hand with our little ones, they are the spark that keeps the energy burning in the house and they infect us with all the positive attitude.

But... Wouldn't you like to be a child again? Go back to being that innocent Carlitos who played in the dirt with his carts, who stained and dirty the floor that had just been cleaned. Or how about going back to being that Adriana who dreamed of a prince charming, who talked to cats and dogs and who, on top of that, could enjoy the company of her greatest superhero. It would be amazing to be able to go back in time and enjoy the endless love of mom and dad, to be a child again would be amazing.

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