10 de mayo, día de la madre


All good stories are born from a memory, things that we have experienced and experiences that we have acquired throughout our journey. Do you think that you could have reached where you are without the hand that accompanied you?

May 10 is approaching and we are all looking for the ideal gift, the one that materializes the love and respect we have for mom, that represents our gratitude to her for the unconditional support she gave us during our growth. It is a day that allows us to be closer to her, to pamper her and pamper her just as she did in her time; However, it does not hurt to tell you that you do not need to wait until May 10 to try to be by her side, closeness and communication with her is so important that she deserves the dedication of every day and even so, we stay short.

They are the ones who make an effort and work in silence for unity in the home, for the well-being of all family members, so that nothing is ever missing or fails in the environment, always doing it with a voluntary smile and with the best predisposition.

His love, his affection, his unconditional interest in everything and everyone is priceless, and it would be fair to pay tribute to his dedication. For this reason, a kiss, a "thank you mom", an "I love you mom" can be the best gift that can be given in recognition of the unconditional love of someone who, whatever happens in our lives, whatever our circumstances, We know that we can always count on your help and support.

And what better way to recognize her effort than with a Cómeme arrangement, surprise her this day with the best designs specially designed for her. Enter our website and explore our varied catalogue. We will wait for you!

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