12 de diciembre día de las “Lupitas”

There is no Mexican who does not know someone named Guadalupe. The famous "Lupitas" have a name with years of history. This December 12 is the day of the "Lupitas" and in Mexico this name is very frequent in honor of the Virgin of Guadalupe. According to the National Population Registry of Mexico (RENAPO), the name Guadalupe has been used more than 800,000 times since 1930 and it is usually used for both girls and boys.

According to popular traditions, on Tuesday, December 12, 1531, the Virgin of Guadalupe appeared to the indigenous Juan Diego for the fourth time . The event happened very early in the morning when the native of Cuautitlán went out in search of help for his sick uncle. The virgin met the humble Indian next to the Pocito where she told him that his uncle was already healthy. So, he asked him to go up to the top of the Tepeyac hill where he would find some roses, at a time and in a place where they did not bloom, which he could gather and take before the bishop as proof of his miraculous encounters in which He requested the construction of a temple in the vicinity of the place.

That is why year after year, the festivities begin on the eve of December 12, with the interpretation of the morning by famous artists who pay homage to the Virgin. Meanwhile, on foot or in buses, cars and bicycles, the pilgrims are adding up, until they completely occupy the Basilica in Mexico City. For Catholic Christians it is a pride to bear the name of the Virgin, at some point in history, our country was about to have the Virgin of Guadalupe on its national shield; by the initiators of the independence movement.

So Guadalupanos were the men who gave us our homeland, that the first president Mexico had changed his name from Félix Fernández to Guadalupe Victoria, to highlight the triumph of the Mexican virgin. To date, all governments have respected the decision of priest Morelos that December 12 be considered a national holiday.

For a long time there were many "Lupitas" that grew and multiplied among women and were pride within their families, although at this time they are becoming extinct, to make way for foreign names like Jenifer, Michele or Nicole that make them go away. little by little losing the tradition of the famous "Lupitas".

Famous "Lupitas"

Lupita Nyong'o

Mexican-African, Hollywood actress

Even so, it doesn't hurt to pamper the queens of the day; whether it's with a bouquet of strawberries from comeme.com.mx, a walk in the park or with a slice of your favorite cake; and why not even sing her mornings with everything and mariachi. No matter how you celebrate, celebrate with your family and all the Lupitas on this great day.

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