Festejar al padre con salud y originalidad

Father's day

In the European Catholic tradition, Father's Day is generally commemorated on March 10, Saint Joseph 's Day , however, mostly in Latin American countries it is celebrated on the third Sunday of June.

Come on!... let's thank dad not only for life, (certainly not everyone is responsible); For this reason, if you are fortunate to have that father figure who offers you support, not only financially, but also gives you his influence, guidance, and positive values, dedicating that effort that every child needs to grow emotionally healthy and form a woman or a physically and morally healthy man with the security of his protection… Well, let's horrify his paternity !!

What could we choose for gifts for dad ? According to our budget we can demonstrate our appreciation:

  • How about a surprise breakfast?... but absolutely outside of what you usually eat, the detail would be to make it yourself at home.

  • Fruit arrangements are a choice, just with a little imagination you could create a new and nutritious present.

  • A song!! …that would make him emotional with happiness, imagine the moment he hears you sing a composition adjusted to his personality, according to your perspective as a son.

  • If technology is on a low budget, surprise him with a virtual card, create a video of those family moments, a slideshow, share it with his friends and family, it would be a touching detail from you.

If economic resources are not the problem, check to see what you can give him as a useful gift. Among the gifts for men we help you choose:

  • Stamping a towel, blanket, flannel, mug, tumbler, planner, or car seat covers with a well-customized design is sure to showcase your beautiful Father's Day gift .
  • In innovation you would have drones, ultra-fast drink coolers, incredible oil-free fryers and innovative water filters to go on their walks.

We know dad, choosing is not easy, when the time has come to decide, great gifts will not make him feel loved, respected. To recognize his work, remember: obedience and demonstrations of affection should not be lacking every day for this beloved being. On that specific date, prepare special attention, by honoring him you will surely tear a tear, or that smile that only parents understand from the inside and that will make that pleasant priceless moment unforgettable.

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