Celebra el día de muertos con Cómeme

Day of the Dead

The Day of the Dead is a Mexican tradition that transcends time, it is a celebration of memory and a ritual that favors memory over oblivion.

The Day of the Dead in the indigenous vision implies the transitory return of the souls of the deceased, who return home, to the world of the living, to live with their families and to be nourished by the essence of the food that is offered to them on the altars. placed in his honor.

The celebration of the Day of the Dead takes place on November 1 and 2, as it is divided into categories: According to the Catholic calendar, November 1 corresponds to All Saints, a day dedicated to the "little dead" or children, and on November 2 to the Faithful Departed, that is, to adults

In this Day of the Dead celebration, death does not represent an absence but a living presence; death is a symbol of life that materializes in the offered altar. In this sense, it is a celebration that carries great popular significance since it includes various meanings, from philosophical to material.

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