¡Celebra las fiestas patrias con CÓMEME!

Every year on these dates we proudly celebrate who we are and where we come from, how we got to this place and what makes us more Mexican, we meet with friends and family to celebrate the homeland and freedom, throughout history we have been celebrating our parties almost in the same way without having more variation in what we eat or how we decorate our event, this year do not stay behind and innovate with CÓMEME a different way with which you can make your event unique.

in C ÓMEME we have the best options to be your original event with our different fruit arrangements inspired by national colors and original designs as well as being a healthier and more nutritious option to celebrate this September 16, leave the boring behind and give a special touch to these mexican parties

The fruit arrangements will make your event perfect but not only yours, if you are invited to a Mexican party do not arrive empty-handed you can bring a viva México platter inspired by the Mexican flag with fruits such as cucumber, jicama, strawberries and watermelon that represent the 3 most symbolic colors of our country : green for hope, white for unity and red for the blood of the heroes who died for the country.

Do not miss the incredible flavor of the fruit arrangements, come to our branches to purchase one of our fabulous products of the national month, at CÓMEME we love our country and we are specialists in creating unforgettable moments.

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