The day of the Mexican flag is a day dedicated to honoring this patriotic symbol that identifies each one of the Mexicans throughout the world. Since 1940, February 24 was the day that was officially chosen to honor each year the most important of the national symbols, since the flag is an essential part of the evolution and history of Mexico, even more taking into account that represents the independence and freedom of that nation, we can perceive many fruit arrangements to commemorate this date.

Who established this holiday to honor the Mexican flag?

It is important to take into account that this day is honored not only in Mexico, but also in the United States on February 24 is a special day since the large colony of Mexicans who are residing in that country do not stop celebrating the day of the flag. from Mexico when the date to do so arrives. This has been established since 1934, but it was in 1940 when the current President to be then Lázaro Cárdenas del Ríos made February 24 official as the day of the Mexican flag .

During the year 1934, a law was issued specifying all the characteristics of the use that the patriotic symbols, shield, flag and national anthem should have, it is then when it is proposed that February 24 be the day on which it is officially celebrated this day. After this date and after having been approved by the General Congress of the Union, on February 24 , 1984, the Law on national symbols was announced.


How is the Mexican flag holiday celebrated?

 During every February 24, all Mexicans sing and honor this important national symbol and in turn commemorate all the heroes who fought to give Mexico freedom and independence. In order to celebrate the day of the Mexican flag , the government is in charge of organizing a parade that has the participation of the armed forces of Mexico, which include the air force and the naval forces of Mexico.

From the decree of the president at that time, Gustavo Díaz Ordaz, on December 27, authorizes a decree to officially carry out a parade that has to be accompanied by a speech by the current president.


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