On September 16 , Mexico will celebrate Independence Day , also well known as the Grito de Dolores. El Grito de Dolores was proclaimed Independence Day after Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla turned against the Spanish government that was ruling at the time. Since then, feelings of independence arose that were already reflected a long time ago with the beginning of the revolutions in France and the United States.

What is the beginning of independence in Mexico?

Independence in Mexico began after the French revolution. After learning that the government intended to arrest him, Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla announced his rebellious plans, inviting people to join in this thought. Several hours later, this character had already been able to meet with a large number of people who were willing to rebel against the Spanish oppression that ruled Mexico .

This initiative was the trigger that would start a revolutionary war that would last approximately ten years. From this moment on, the rebel armies received strong responses from a minority of highly trained Spanish soldiers in January 1811, after this event, Hidalgo and Allende were subsequently executed. However, from then on, various people took up the initiative to make Mexico independent from Spanish rule.

Formalization of the independence of Mexico

After several failed attempts, this desired initiative could be formalized in September 1821. Independence Day in Mexico represents the independence of the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world and this can be celebrated throughout its territory one Once a year. This date is particularly commemorated with fireworks that commemorate the arrival of this important day throughout the country.

In addition to this, various parades and dances are also held in the Mexican plazas. The population generally got used to placing Mexican flags in their windows. Food also takes center stage on these dates since from the beginning of the celebrations it becomes the perfect opportunity to prepare the best typical dishes of our country so that people can have the opportunity to taste them, without leaving aside the national drink. representing Mexico , tequila.

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