Día de la Mujer

On March 8 of each year , Women's Day is celebrated worldwide . On this emotional day, the struggle that women had to achieve their participation in society is commemorated, as well as being able to do so in the full development of the human being. We must always remember that the first time this day was celebrated was in 1911, mainly in European countries such as Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and Austria, to later spread to other countries in the world, until today when we celebrate it by making fruit arrangements, shopping in florists, or by cutting flowers ourselves.

It is not a public holiday in many places, but it is celebrated all over the world.

In 1977, the United Nations Organization in General Assembly officially proclaimed March 8 as Women's Day , a day where the rights of each one of them are celebrated in addition to international peace. On this holiday, the unfortunate loss that occurred on March 25, 1911 is also remembered. In addition to this, it is important to take into account that on March 8, 1857 thousands of workers were in charge of taking to the streets of New York with the intention of carrying out a protest against the poor conditions in which they carried out their work.

Historical review of women's day

Since then, protest movements on the part of women began to grow more commonly. After this, on March 5, 1908, a strike was organized by those same workers, but on this occasion what the women were demanding was equal pay, in addition to being able to count on the benefit of working for 10 hours. This strike, which began peacefully, would unfortunately end with 146 women killed specifically at the Triangle Shirtwaist factory.

The reason for this mass death was a fire that destroyed the interior of the building in its entirety. The women who were doing their work at that time were trapped alive since the owners had closed all the exits with the intention of avoiding crimes. It is for this reason that on March 8 , in addition to remembering these women, the work of all women in the world is recognized, as well as their dedication to their family.

On March 8 of each year, we continue to remember the work that we all must do to dismiss the barriers that hinder the processes of integral development of women. And that is why at Cómeme Arreglos frutales we invite you to give her a beautiful detail to celebrate the queens of this day. Happy Women's Day!

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