¿Por qué las mamás son maravillosas?

Mother's Day is a very special date in the life of any human being. If you have a mother, you still do not have a date that moves the heart of any person.

But, we should never stay with the superficial. In this life we ​​always have to look for the knowledge that can be obtained, and at the same time.

Let's make a timeline about the history of this important day

What we currently know as Mother's Day has completed a process through our history, that is why we would like to put together a timeline for you.

In this way you will be able to fully know where this celebration really comes from.

  • The first known celebration of Mother's Day dates back to the times of Zeus, in ancient Greece, where honors were paid to the mother of Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus himself.
  • Similarly, it was the Romans who called a celebration "Hilaria" at the time it was acquired by the Greeks. It is celebrated on the date of March 15 in the town of the Cibeles temple, where their offerings are made for three days.
  • Those who made a transformation on Mother's Day were the Catholics, who adopted to honor the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus. December 8, in the Catholic saints, is the feast that celebrates the Immaculate Conception. Date also adopted by Panamanians for its celebration.
  • Around the 17th century, in England, a similar event is known that is also related to the Virgin Mary, this was known as Mother's Sunday. The tradition was that the children attended a mass and then returned to give gifts to their parents.
  • Mother's Day , as we know it today, was created in 1870 by Julia Ward Howe. Julia was a well-known social activist in favor of the female vote. In the same way, she is known for having been a writer and poet. She was a prominent American abolitionist born on May 27, 1819 and died on October 17, 1910.

Did you know that Mother's Day is celebrated around the world on different dates?

Mother's Day may be celebrated all over the world (and in many religions), but there really isn't an International Mother's Day. Depending on the country in which we are, the date of this party may change. But don't worry, we have compiled all this information for you.

Second Sunday in February


first sunday in may

            Romania, South Africa, Portugal, Lithuania, Hungary and Spain.


May 10

            Singapore, Qatar, Pakistan, Oman, Mexico, Malaysia, India, Guatemala, United Arab Emirates and El Salvador.

Second Sunday of May

            Venezuela Uruguay, Ukraine, Turkey, Taiwan, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Puerto Rico, Peru, New Zealand, Liechtenstein, Latvia, Japan, Italy, Honduras, Netherlands, Greece, Finland, Philippines, Estonia, United States, Ecuador, Denmark, Cuba Croatia, Colombia, Canada, China, Chile, Brazil, Belgium, Austria, Australia and Germany.

15 th of May



            may 27th


May 30


Last Sunday of May

France, Sweden and the Dominican Republic.


Fourth Sunday of Lent

            UK and Ireland.

August 15th

            Celebration in Costa Rica.

3rd Sunday of October

            Belarus and Argentina.

December 8


As you may have noticed when reading the previous entries, the most common date that we can find, among all the countries in the world, for the celebration of Mother's Day is the second Sunday of May. However, these countries are not grouped in any specific order, noting that neighbors (such as Mexico and the United States) tend to celebrate it on different dates.

Have you ever wondered why moms are wonderful?

When we talk about why moms are wonderful, it is very common for our brain to search for a sentimental response at once. And it's not bad at all, because maternal love is inherent in conceiving.

But what very few people seem to realize is that there is a biological-love relationship between any child and their mother, this is because it is the mother who from her womb begins to send the child (by physiological DNA) the perception of be sensitive and need love as something fundamental to exist.

This is just one of the reasons why moms are amazing . They are beings that educate us even from the placenta to practice love, apart from representing in their fecundity genetic immortality that is transmitted from their child to the entire species that comes after.

So, is it necessary to celebrate Mother's Day?

            When it comes to celebrating Mother's Day, many people have mixed opinions. There are those who say that it should be celebrated because of the importance they have in humanity, and there are also people who say that this is a purely commercial date.

We must tell you that, in an age of ultra-communication, economic liberalism and behaviorism plus the art-science of loving and a technocratic coldness, celebrating Mother's Day is more than necessary. More than anything, placing their loving expression before their children as an example of these wonderful beings.

Apart from other relevant reasons, such as the ability to anatomically inherit everything embodied in the DNA and other traits such as physiology, which could be translated as that thought full of love that every mother has when she finally gives birth.

And it is that if we start to ask each person what is their reason for holding a celebration for Mother's Day we could fill an encyclopedia of unique reasons. But the most important thing that will always exist, apart from its biological relevance, is the love that these beings are capable of offering.

The best gift ideas for this special day

We could not miss the opportunity to give you some advice for your gifts on Mother's Day , and it is that, even if they tell us that they do not want anything, they are never more surprised and to show them materially immense is our affection for them.


            We know that not all gifts must be extremely expensive to be the best, an example of this is crafts. Where we can make all kinds of cards or decorations ourselves to say "I love you mom" in a unique way.

Breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

            What would not surprise you in your favorite dish and taking it to bed?

Likewise, if you have the ability, you can also take her out for lunch or dinner at her favorite eating place. Because?

Beauty treatments

            The people who are on Mother's Day are a few kilometers away from their parents, but this should not be an impediment to surprise her.

You can arrange with a beauty salon for a full-day consent, and drop off some flowers, too. You may not be with her, but I still won't make him feel great.

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