Día de san Valentín México 2018

Every February 14, Valentine's Day is celebrated in various countries around the world with great enthusiasm and joy. A very special day for many, where the importance of friendship, companionship and above all, love is highlighted.

This date has adopted different names, Valentine's Day, Valentine's Day or Love and Friendship Day, but what is the origin of this very particular celebration?

This festivity, assimilated by the Catholic Church, dates back to the 3rd century in Rome, where a priest named Valentine opposed the order of Emperor Claudius II, who decided to prohibit the celebration of marriages for young people, considering that singles without family were better soldiers, since they had fewer ties and sentimental ties

Valentine, opposed to the emperor's decree, began to secretly celebrate marriages for young lovers (hence, it became popular that Valentine is the patron saint of lovers).

Upon finding out, Claudio II sentenced Saint Valentine to death on February 14, 270, alleging disobedience and rebellion. For this reason, Valentine's Day is commemorated every year.

Flowers, gifts, chocolates and love

Over the years, people adopted this date to show affection to their loved ones, family, friends and their sentimental partner.

In Mexico, every February 14 people celebrate the day of love and friendship, giving flowers, letters, cards and chocolates. All this, in order to share with your loved one, showing all the affection and affection that you have for that special person.

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