Children's Day April 30 has been celebrated annually in Mexico since 1925. Children are recognized as an important part of society, so the day focuses on the importance of loving, accepting, and appreciating children. Children's Day is always packed with activities, and children look forward to a holiday filled with fun, gifts, and special events.

Many schools celebrate the day before and parents are invited. Of course, there are usually no classes on Children's Day, April 30 , even though it's not an official holiday on the school calendar.


On Children's Day, the main focus is on children and making them feel special. In shopping centers throughout Mexico, special events are held with clowns, magicians, music, shows and balloons. Amusement parks, as well as zoos and children's museums usually offer discounts or special offers for children on this day.

The water parks are a popular option to spend the day, taking advantage of the warm weather in April. The lines for the water slides can be quite long, but the reward of a refreshing dip in a pool waiting at the end is truly worth the wait.

Large movements are organized by different civil associations that collect toy donations from citizens. On Children's Day , they are given to orphans and children in need as a way to literally "make their day". Toys related to war or that require batteries to operate are generally not accepted.

It is a holiday that is quite unique, filled with laughter and games, when adults are reminded of the importance of childhood and children teach us how joyful and simple life can be.

Gifts and activities April 30 children's day

Today, the gifts that children of the middle and upper classes ask for are very different from when I was a child. I would ask for sports equipment, helicopters, and simple toys that were fun and involved playing outside.

Today, children seem to be more inclined towards Blackberries, iPads and video games, as technology has become an important part of contemporary lifestyles.

If you want to be a part of this celebration, why not buy individual packets of cookies to put in your bag or glove box and give to street children in Mexico? Dollar store toys can also make affordable gifts.

Activities that can be done that day with the children to make them feel happy.

Take a walk: this activity is very simple but it will be the best way to create in children a great respect for nature and, in turn, the importance of physical exercises.


Prepare a cooking recipe : not only will it be fun, it is also a great way to teach them the codes of a correct diet. They will learn to eat well in childhood and it will make them reach healthy adulthood

Play with friends: because children need to socialize and learn to share with other children. sharing experiences like this they acquire values ​​such as solidarity and camaraderie

Spend time with grandparents: Grandparents play a very important role for the little ones. share time with them the love, respect and value that families have, as well as respect for the elderly.

Sharing ice creams, or fruit arrangements with the family. This will help you strengthen the union with the children and make them feel pleased in their day, since children love ice creams and fruits.

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