Día del niño,  fecha para regalar algo original

Children's Day, date to give something original

Having children at home always brings joy and well-being, watching them grow represents an invaluable experience for adults, because it puts us in touch with the most tender, protective and even creative side of our person, observing how they experience and learn from the things that they exist in the world around them reminds us of our own childhood in which we were excited by each discovery and that fills us with nostalgia.

All the feelings that the little ones generate in us multiply in April because Children's Day is approaching, the date on which we take the opportunity to celebrate the little ones. The most special thing about these days is that we can witness the uncontrollable wait that they feel to discover the gifts, the expectation and anxiety that they generate around their gifts may even seem charming and funny to us, and it is not surprising, these presents not only represent a new possession, they are also a materialization of love, time and dedication that their loved ones tell them.

On the eve of such a special and significant date, it is normal for everyone to wonder what is the ideal gift? It is important to remember that children are excited to experience new sensations, of taste and smell, that offer them new windows on the world They do not finish discovering, eating and trying delicious things is amazing for them, especially when fruit candy such as strawberries and apples stands out, a gift that involves delicious fruit flavors, added to bright colors and creativity constitutes a present of excellent taste and quality.

At any comeme branch in your city you can find a wide range of fruit arrangements brimming with creativity and style, made up of different selections of fruit that reproduce a range of sensations on the palate of children, which in addition to offering a unique contact with flavor , represent a true amalgamation of colors and shapes that fit harmoniously, almost musically, and are beautiful to look at.

The experience that triggers a fruit arrangement as a gift is not limited to making children fall in love through taste, it is also an opportunity for children to begin to develop their taste for aesthetic and visual beauty, each of our arrangements It is an artisan work that involves an intense design work, generated by our passionate staff, for its elaboration it is essential to have unique skills such as artistic agility with the hands and the sense of proportion, color and composition.

Another implicit advantage in giving fruit arrangements this Children's Day lies in the originality factor, in the events that are organized on this date it is common to always find the same gifts, giving fruit arrangements is an opportunity to become the difference and add variety and style At the gift table, you will also experience great satisfaction by observing the children's excitement for trying the delicious flavors hidden in their new gift.

You can transform this children's day into a new flavor experience for a loved one, in our catalog you will find a huge variety of designs, this time we want to take the opportunity to recommend our children's arrangements, which are abundant in ingredients that children love , such as the chocomouse, which has a cute design inspired by one of the children's favorite characters, mickey mouse, this beautiful arrangement has delicious pineapple decorations sweetened with chocolate, we also have the eat me barrel, inspired by the pirate adventures, the latter has delicious strawberry grape decorations, it even has a pirate flag to give it a fun touch that little ones love.

Our sports arrangements always manage to capture the attention of children too, due to their designs based on soccer balls and American football, these sports disciplines are currently very popular, and the little ones in the house usually have fun for hours tuning in Internet or on television the games in which their favorite teams or players play, sports personalities inspire a lot of admiration in them, and a gift inspired by things related to sports helps them feel closer to this world that they are passionate about, It is never too late to start sowing a love for sports in children and forming the stars of tomorrow.

The flavor that children will discover in our sports arrangements will amaze them because they have a delicious combination of strawberry and chocolate, two of the sweet latitudes that children prefer. Take the opportunity to give a gift that will become a valuable memory for the child. future, in which they will remember the day in which they received an exquisite fruit arrangement with affection and nostalgia.

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