La Importancia De Celebrar El Día Del Padre.

Father's Day is the exact moment to celebrate all the sacrifices that men make for their family , many times passing them to a second or third place in order to see their children and their wife getting better.

Do you want to know when this celebration is and the ideal gifts for dad? Keep reading. We will show you that you do not need a fortune to give him the best gift of his life.

Father's love

When is Father's Day celebrated?

Unlike other celebrations, this one does not have a specific day for everyone. Although many countries come to coincide with the date, it is not a general one. So we will tell you each of them below:

23 of February

This day is celebrated in Russia together with Defenders of the Fatherland Day.

March, 19

            This is one of the dates that suppose a coincidence between countries. This day is celebrated in Switzerland, Portugal, Mozambique, Liechtenstein, Italy, Honduras, Spain, Croatia, Bolivia, Belgium, Andorra and Morocco.

May 8

            The celebration is held in South Korea.

Second Sunday of May

            This day is common to find the celebration of Mother's Day in some places, but in Romania you celebrate Father's Day .

Third Sunday in May

            They celebrate in Tonga.

ascension day


First Sunday of June

            Lithuania and Switzerland coincide in the celebration (except in Ticino which is on March 19).

5th June

            The celebration runs parallel to Constitution Day.

Second Sunday in June

            Austria and Belgium celebrate.

Third Sunday in June

            This is the date on which most countries hold the celebration. These are Afghanistan, Kuwait, Albania, Laos, Antigua and Barbuda, Macau, Argentina, Madagascar, Aruba, Malaysia, Bahamas, Malta, Bahrain, Mauritius, Bangladesh, Mexico, Barbados, Myanmar, Belize, and Namibia.

Similarly, they are joined by Bermuda, the Netherlands, Brunei Darussalam, Nigeria, Canada, Oman, Cambodia, Pakistan, Chile, Panama, China, Paraguay, Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica, the Philippines, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Curacao , Qatar, Cyprus, Saint Lucia, the Czech Republic and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

In turn, Dominica, Singapore, Ecuador, Slovakia, Ethiopia, South Africa, France, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Suriname, Greece, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Tunisia, Hong Kong, Turkey, Hungary, the United Kingdom, India, the United United States, Ireland, Venezuela, Jamaica, Vietnam and Japan, among others.


Perfect gift ideas for a great father

Giving a gift to a father does not have to be a difficult task , the truth is that there are some tricks that we can stick to that will make the simplest details the ones that have the greatest meaning .

Every man likes to smell good

            A gift that may seem generic, but is a great success, is to give fragrances or colognes that your husband or father likes. In this way they will be satisfied and every time you hug him you will be able to enjoy not only the comfort of his arms, but also an exquisite aroma.

Fruit arrangements

            Although there are many men who like flower arrangements, a better success is to give him a fruity one on Father's Day . These will be simulations of the first ones, but totally edible, since they will be made of all kinds of fruits. And some also bring chocolate to taste!

A family lunch, or special dinner

            If your children are old enough, and you want to do something more than give them an object. You can always stay at home to surprise him by cooking his favorite dishes and having lunch together. A family outing to Dad's favorite restaurant is also valid.

And if you're a new parent, then a romantic dinner to celebrate your first time won't go amiss.

Do you want advice?

            We know that expensive gifts say "I love you," but nothing says "I love you" like what we strive for. That's why if you have a knack for crafts, you can always take some time and make a unique and special one for him.

Besides, if the children are already of age, a letter in their own handwriting highlighting all the good qualities of dad will bring more than one tear of joy to their eyes.

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