New Year's festivities are held all over the world on December 31. It is the last day of the year according to the Gregorian calendar. The end of the year and the arrival of the new year are celebrated with rituals and joy. The planet is filled with music, magical rituals and touching moments. Families gather and, according to their customs, share with friends and family in an exquisite dinner. The twelve chimes are the signal that the old year is leaving giving entrance to prosperity with the faith and hope that this new year will bring.

The arrival of the new year is celebrated on December 31:
Each country on December 31 says goodbye to the old year according to their customs, let's see some of them to be aware of how the world celebrates the arrival of the new year:
⦁ New York: Times Square is the meeting place for hundreds of people who gather every year to say goodbye to the old year. A huge crystal ball descends on the square and the whole crowd counts the minutes left until the end of the year and joyfully celebrates the arrival of the new year.
⦁ China: This striking Asian country celebrates the arrival of a new year on different dates. It is known as the spring festival and the lunar month begins to be celebrated on its first day. During these dates millions of people travel to share and celebrate with their families.
⦁ Spain: They meet with friends and families with a delicious dinner celebrating the arrival of the new year between champagne and wines.
⦁ Mexico: Celebrate the arrival of the new year by sharing with the family. There are regions like Michoacán that carry out a burning as a sign of farewell to the old year. In Oaxaca, it is customary to throw the household dishes on the floor as a symbolism that everything that is old is finished.
⦁ Venezuela: New Year's festivities are customary to celebrate in that beautiful country sharing delicious hallacas with the family, ham bread, chicken salad and wine. The streets of Caracas, its capital, are dressed up with arrangements alluding to Christmas. Plaza Venezuela, the central area of ​​the city, follows the unstoppable rhythm of its colorful waters contained in a huge artificial fountain, where many people gather to share and say goodbye to the old year.

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