Este día del abuelo, regala algo delicioso y diferente

This Grandparent's Day, give away something delicious and different

Many of the happiest moments of our lives are spent next to some very special people, whose wisdom and example marks us in a very beautiful way, our elderly people are undoubtedly a treasure chest for all the knowledge and anecdotes that they can provide us That is why we must love and value them a lot.

For all the beautiful things that our grandparents have left us, it is important that this coming August 28th we show them how important they are to us, gifts are always incentives that show these little people that we value them and that even today they continue to being reasons for inspiration and good vibes, do not worry if at this moment you cannot think of a different and suitable gift for this momentous date, we bring you the solution.

Older people always feel excited and amazed when they see a fruit arrangement, because this beautiful gift of completely handmade origin is coupled with many of their tastes and preferences. Next, we are going to tell you the 4 main reasons why this Valentine's Day grandfather, you should choose to give a fruit arrangement instead of traditional gifts such as flower arrangements.

An example of healthy food

When we reach a certain age we prefer to enjoy healthier foods that help us take care of our physical condition, the arrangements are made up of artistically cut fruits with a high protein content, unfortunately when we reach a certain age we acquire diseases that make life a bit difficult for us , the fact of giving a fruit arrangement also means that we take their condition into account, giving a fruit arrangement is synonymous with saying: "I love you and I care about you".

Unforgettable memories.

We must remember that our dear grandparents come from another era, a time when people used to consume more natural products in their daily lives. Receiving a fruit arrangement as a gift will surely bring back fond memories of sharing delicious fruits. with their loved ones, or tastefully toured fields where these delicious products of nature were grown, give a fruit arrangement and give your grandpa a direct pass to the memory.

The opportunity to share

Perhaps there is nothing that our grandparents love more than sharing things with their beloved grandchildren. If something distinguishes our fruit arrangements, it is the variety, since they are made up of very different kinds of sweet and delicious fruits, which will give you the opportunity to give the little ones a choice, our dear grandparents will surely be amazed at the idea of ​​being able to give their loved ones a delicious and beautiful piece of fruit artistically cut.

Fruit arrangements are highly decorative.

Grandparent's Day is an excellent opportunity to bring the family together. In these meetings, everyone usually brings different gifts for our grandparents. If what you want is to stand out and leave a very good impression, what you should do is present yourself with a fruit arrangement of eat me, that with its distinctive colors and beautiful shapes will become the center of attention of the whole world.

For all these wonderful reasons this Grandparent's Day we have prepared a special selection of beautiful arrangements. Celebration Heart, for example, contains different fruits artistically cut in the shape of hearts and flowers, it will undoubtedly look very beautiful in your grandparents' house.

On the other hand, fruit abundance is highly attractive, its combination of fruits with chocolate will give our beloved grandparents a delicious moment.

Another great gift option is our beautiful "fruit enhancement" basket, which is a true collection of flavors for a healthy life.

Do not think about it anymore, come to our branches to be able to acquire that perfect gift with which you will surprise your beloved grandparents and remember that in cómeme we are experts in creating unforgettable moments

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