Feliz Día de la Secretaria y Asistente Administrativa

Secretary's Day is a fair and necessary holiday. They are an active part of any company who get to work just as hard as any other position. Even more if we count the extra work assigned to them. That is why, from a few decades ago, it has been decided to celebrate this noble work carried out by all secretaries and administrative assistants.

What is the origin of secretary day?

Although it is a holiday that is celebrated in most of the world with emphasis, the truth is that its origin is really a bit uncertain thanks to the fact that there are different versions of its creation.

The first version tells us that it arose in 1950 in the United States, where the manufacturers of typewriters decided to honor them, so they organized events for it and one was based on finding the best typist. This place was occupied by an administrative assistant and the festival was created to honor her.

Another version that we were able to compile keeps us in the United States, but this time it takes us to the year 1952. It tells us that the National Association of Secretaries held the first event to honor professionals in the branch and named it "National Week of the Secretaries”.

One fact that we do fully know is that during the First Inter-American Congress of Secretaries that took place in 1970, which was where the Inter-American Federation of Secretarial Associations (known by its acronym FIAS) was created, Day of the Inter-American Secretariat .

When is this festival celebrated?

As with other festivities, this day is celebrated on different dates depending on where you are in the world. We have compiled some of them in this section so that you know when it is carried out.

April 26

            This is a date in which different countries coincide, we have that it is celebrated in Costa Rica, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay and also in Panama.

4th of September

The holiday is celebrated in nations like Argentina and also in Uruguay.

September 30th

On this date the celebrations coincide in Brazil and Venezuela.

July 16th

It is the date that is taken in Mexico.

December 3

It is celebrated in Chile.

How to celebrate Secretary's Day?

Many companies are not clear on how to celebrate this festivity . For what really some decide simply not to do it. But, it is important to recognize and thank them for their work to such a fundamental part of the staff and who work so hard throughout the year.

In many companies they hold small meetings where they take away their work duties and dedicate special time to them, either with music, snacks or words that make them feel that all the effort they have put in to make the team strong is valued.

In other places they are simply given the day off.

What can be given to a secretary in her day?

Fruit arrangements

            We know how beautiful flowers are and how much women love arrangements, but these won't just be beautiful in presentation. If not, they will also be tasteable, so the pleasure will be double.

You can recreate any floral arrangement you want and include any type of fruit you want, including adding chocolate to make eating much more pleasant.

Free days

What says “we appreciate the effort you have made and we recognize your hard work” more than giving them a couple of paid days off? They will be able to rest from the stress of work and continue to be paid as if they were still active.

You do not necessarily have to give the same to all, you can organize it in turns so that when one is on leave there is always another that stays in the office so that the process is not interrupted.

any present

 At other times during the secretary's day, bosses or supervisors are always in charge of pampering their staff. On some occasions, and within the possibilities, they are granted passes to the spa, also some electrical appliance and even cell phones.

Everything will depend on the budget that the company has. Likewise, it doesn't have to be very valuable to be a great detail.

The rights and virtues of secretaries have been recognized since the creation of the National Association of Secretaries in 1942.

Secretaries are considered today a fundamental piece in the operation of a company, and this day presents the opportunity to pay tribute to them. The day has different dates depending on the country where it is celebrated.

The day of the Mexican secretary is a commemorative celebration, which aims to thank the dedication shown every day. The secretaries are waiting to solve what is within their reach, they usually also deal with "paperwork" and administrative management. They have earned, on their own merits, an important place in all companies.

Happy secretary day

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