Festejemos Juntos el día del Médico con Cómeme!!!

Today we have to recognize the hard work of doctors in the face of this disease that is Covid-19, we applaud all our heroes without capes, those heroes who left their families and put themselves at risk to save people's lives, even though They do not have superpowers or bulletproof bodies, or powerful weapons to protect us, only their knowledge, years of study, sleeplessness, a white coat and their desire to help. And that alone saves lives.

The celebration of Doctor's Day seeks to distinguish the work of all doctors who save lives and offer everyone hope to move forward, all of them, with their discipline and scientific rigor, have been an example of heroism for their country, we recognize the importance of the work of all health professionals, however, today especially, we do it with the work of Doctors and Doctors. It is important to give the value they deserve to those women and men who, in the exercise of their profession, are transforming Mexico by caring for the health of Mexicans.

In 1937, during the Convention of Confederate Medical Unions of the Republic, it was established that October 23 would be celebrated on Doctor's Day, in homage to Dr. Valentín Gómez Farías, who in 1833 inaugurated the Establishment of Medical Sciences in Mexico City. . #Let's CelebrateDoctor'sDayWithEAT ME

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