primavera 2017


Beginning of spring

Spring, the season of flowers, of color is popularly known as one of the 4 seasons that occur in temperate zones, it is the transition that occurs between winter and summer. Taking this into account, it is important to know that each of the seasons is produced thanks to the round shape of our planet and the translation movement it makes throughout the year, this produces the seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. But when does the beginning of spring occur?

The first season of the year

The term "Spring" comes from the term prima which means first and vera which means greenery. Astrologers have specified that the beginning of spring occurs on March 21 in the northern hemisphere and ends with the summer solstice on approximately June 21. However, in the southern hemisphere the beginning of spring occurs on September 23 and its end on December 21.

The seasons of the year are characterized by provoking different sensations in people, particularly feelings and emotions is an example of this, but beyond what we have just discussed, the beginning of spring is the most anticipated of all seasons, since in This time is when the sun warms the corresponding hemisphere again according to the date it occurs, it is then when the trees turn green and the flowers can be seen more beautifully.

How does the beginning of spring influence the land and people?

As we mentioned before, the beginning of spring is characterized by the flowering of plants and the greening of trees. For many people, spring is synonymous with youth since this is what projects all the color that begins with its arrival. It seems incredible, but at this time of year we can see people with greater vigor in their countenance, freshness and beauty, something that greatly benefits people, as well as flower shops making crafts.

The beginning of spring considerably influences not only the environmental environment, with flowers everywhere, this time of year also influences people, especially the behavior that human beings can have in this season. Many psychologists affirm that during this stage you can see people who are more in love, happier and more enthusiastic, this has been linked to weather changes, do not be surprised to receive fruit and flower arrangements at this time.

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