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The meaning of Christmas responds to the manifestation of certain human values ​​that during the year remain more or less forgotten, values ​​such as solidarity, union, love, peace and hope are more typical of the season of Christmas.

Currently, Christmas is celebrated in many places and in very different ways. In general, one of the current characteristics of Christmas is the increase in consumption, especially of objects used as gifts and food.

the symbols of christmas

The Christmas tree has a Christian meaning, although its use has become widespread among people of different beliefs. The Christmas tree refers to the tree of Paradise, to original sin and to the figure of Jesus as redeemer of sins, but the evergreen leaf is also a symbol of eternal life.

Typical Christmas tree decorations are:

  • The star, a symbol of guidance, in reference to the star of Bethlehem;
  • The spheres, originally apples, in reference to temptations;
  • Garlands and tinsel, symbol of unity and joy;
  • The lights, originally candles, symbolize the light of Jesus that illuminates the world.

With the passing of the years, Christmas is more than a festivity, we get together with friends and family, we share gifts and food, and many celebrations full of joy and happiness. Every year it is more and more difficult to find the right gift, at Cómeme we have a variety of arrangements with innovative and spectacular designs, so that you can make your parties more original with arrangements inspired by Christmas colors and symbols such as the Christmas Eve Pine or a Santa Christmas box as well as being a super healthy option to celebrate Christmas.

This Christmas do not miss the incredible flavor of fruit arrangements, come to our branches to purchase one of our fabulous Christmas products, at CÓMEME we are specialists in creating unforgettable moments.

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