Regala a tu maestro algo más especial que una simple manzana


On May 15, Teacher's Day is celebrated, a date that should not be overlooked at all, because in a civilized society teachers play a very important role, they are in charge of beginning to shape individuals, both ideologically and Intellectually, today's world is full of challenges at a professional level, and teachers have the mission of providing the tools that allow us to face them with preparation and dignity.

We all have in our life history at least one teacher who left his indelible mark, due to his energy, commitment, vocation and sympathy, and who became a model person for us, sometimes the importance they have in our Life is such that they also become aspirational figures that we would like to emulate.

For such an important person in our lives, who has given us so much, the least we can do is show cordiality and good taste this May 15, because of this, making the usual gifts is highly inappropriate and speaks ill of us, the best is to give a special, beautiful and showy gift that expresses through its shapes and colors the respect and admiration that we feel for your person, but that also looks good on the school desk, that generates admiration and amazement on the part of everyone Definitely, these objectives are impossible to achieve if what we give away is a simple apple, it is necessary to give that as a gift but multiplied by 100, take it to its maximum expression through a delicate work of artisan creation that also stands out for its indescribable flavor, the best in these cases it is to give away a fruit arrangement.

So that when you return home and walk through the door carrying such a beautiful present in your hands, you feel proud when you answer that it is a thoughtful gift from a student or former student, who took the time to prepare an elegant and different gift for you, no There is no better way to get along with these important beings in our lives, who have given us so much through their invaluable teachings.

Giving away a delicious fruit arrangement is to say thank you! Thank you for your patience, for your creativity when it comes to expressing ideas or concepts that you knew were perhaps too complex or boring to learn, for being there giving us valuable life advice when most needed. we needed, for having words of courtesy when we felt sad or down, for inspiring respect and admiration, for expecting the best of us despite the fact that sometimes our performance was disappointing, thank you for exercising your noble profession with pride and heart.

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