Como Celebrar A Tus Abuelitos

Grandfather's day

One of the relationships that we usually enjoy the most is that of grandparents, which is why there is a Grandparent's Day to celebrate and honor him, and although in many parts it is very rare to celebrate it and its date varies from one region to another, here you will we will tell a little about this particular day.

As the saying goes "Each generation rebels against its parents and becomes friends with its grandparents", and it is that in them we find hugs, wisdom, stories and in many cases delicious food recipes that will leave us full of love.


Grandparent's Day: several dates the same feeling

Probably many of us grew up with our grandparents at home, others went to visit every Sunday to see them and share with them as a family. The bond that we create with them in many cases is usually really strong and special, it is the grandparents who give their grandchildren a special love and enormous support for today's families.

Although there is no exact world date to commemorate this day as it varies from country to country, one of the dates with which this day is most often associated is July 26, originally this date comes from Spain, given that according to the Catholic tradition this day is celebrated on the day of Saint Joachim and Saint Anne, who were the grandparents of Jesus, parents of the Virgin Mary.

Despite the enormous cultural weight of the Catholic calendar, as well as the world of the Internet through the massive publication of hashtags and the famous Google doodles in which this day has been promoted and sponsored as Grandparents' Day, it is not This is the official international date for its celebration.

However, the United Nations organization included in its calendar of celebrations and commemorations on October 1 as the International Day of Older Persons, given that according to its statistics and studies, life expectancy in recent decades has increased by gradually, that is, from 46 to 68 years and it is estimated that by the end of the century this will reach 81 years.

For its part, in some regions of Latin America this day is celebrated on other dates, for example in Mexico it is celebrated on August 28, in Peru on August 26, in Ecuador on October 31, in Colombia on August 2 , in Chile on October 15, in Panama and Nicaragua on July 26 and in Venezuela on May 29.

On Grandfather's Day, why celebrate it?

There is a day to celebrate, thank and honor the father and mother, we celebrate and celebrate love with Valentine's Day or Valentine's Day, there is also a day for emoji, for cats and even one for left-handers, then why not have a day to celebrate grandpa .

And it is that honoring these beings full of wisdom and infinite love for their loved ones must be done with respect and affection towards them, whatever day this day is celebrated in your country, do it with affection and fill them with laughter, affection and hugs, because we know they deserve it.

The treatment towards them must always be respectful and kind because it must be remembered that they no longer have the same energy as before, which is why we must be patient with them and our treatment towards them must always be from love and gratitude.

So, on grandparent's day , take him to eat, or invite him to eat at your house, go for a walk with him, go visit him, prepare an afternoon of games, perhaps the table ones are the ones they enjoy the most.

Listen to their stories, even if you have heard them hundreds of times, listen to the music with which they usually identify, the ones from their time, fill them with affection and thank them, but not only on grandparents' day, do it whenever you can and feel , because the grandparents are the wisdom made person.

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