¡Viva México!

On September 15 , it is a Mexican holiday date throughout the country. Gastronomy shines in all its splendor, enchiladas, tacos, tostadas, pozole, mole, guacamole, accompanied by tequila, pulque, beer and fresh water, are the culinary delights at national holidays, without missing the traditional mariachis.

The colorful flags everywhere flood the main public squares, without missing the tricolor lights where the faces of heroes stand out, such as Hidalgo, Morelos, and Allende, among others. Late at night the traditional cry of Independence is heard by the President of the Republic, and in each State and municipality by the highest authority.

After the shout, the verbena begins, the fireworks radiate the sky giving the signal to start the great Mexican party, a celebration that lasts until the next day, closing with the military parade, in the festivity an infinity of "Viva México" is heard. !!! Long live Mexico!!!.

This tradition is a true spectacle not only for Mexicans, but also many tourists travel to our country for these dates to enjoy the Mexican joy. The true Mexican spirit is found in the capital's zócalo and in the squares of each city, where the celebration is manifested in all its splendor.

Abroad, mainly in the US, the countrymen do not miss this celebration in their communities, shouting with family and friends, pretending to be in Mexico at a festival, waving our flag and honoring national heroes, they also prepare Mexican snacks Accompanied with tequila and Mexican beer, of course.

But not everything is joy, many are invaded by an infinite nostalgia for their country and their loved ones, especially if they are drinking tequila and listening to traditional Mexican songs that remind them of their beautiful and beloved Mexico.

The ceremony of the cry of Independence and its festivity, is the heritage of Mexicans for the whole world, which is admired for the patriotic fervor of its people, which overflows their love for Mexico. There is no city, town or community that does not celebrate the cry of Independence, a tradition that is 208 years old, and that is celebrated with more spirit and enthusiasm every time. Long live Mexico!!! Long live Mexico!!! Sirs.


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