¡Y la Navidad envuelve a Cómeme!

Today is not the 24th, but... it is a special day!

Give the best of all of us who make up and make these beautiful Fruit Arrangements possible.
That feeling of doing something for others is very rewarding.

I believe that this Christmas, more than ever, due to the difficult situation that society is going through, we must contribute our grain of sand. It is not a question of money. We all have the ability to paint a smile on the faces of our fellow men.
I leave the brush to do it to your choice with Cómeme.

That feeling of doing something for others is very gratifying. For Cómeme it means making everyone happy.

Mexico is a country full of traditions and the Christmas season is no exception.
Christmas in Mexico is celebrated days before to end with a great dinner, traditionally for the family.

The posadas represent the pilgrimage that Mary and Joseph made when traveling from Nazareth to Bethlehem when the baby Jesus was about to be born. These are celebrated in the 9 days prior to Christmas, that is, from December 16 to 24.
Although the Christmas tree cannot be missing in every home, in Mexico it is also mandatory to have the birth.
They are made of all materials, from fabrics to ceramics to porcelain; In this, the basic figures are Mary, Joseph and the child God, although the latter is placed until December 24, but it can also have other figures such as the Magi, shepherds and animals that adorn the entire stage.
The Christmas Eve flower is native to Mexico and Central America, and although in the past it was used for religious rituals, herbal remedies, and pigments, after the Conquest it began to be used to decorate spaces during the Christmas season. Now this flower is so popular that it is recognized worldwide as one of the most characteristic elements of Christmas in Mexico.

December 24th In Mexico it is a tradition for families to get together on December 24th. On this date the last posada is celebrated, for which the litanies are sung, the piñata is broken and Christmas bonuses are given. In addition, on this date there are also gift exchanges between family and friends, and a great dinner is given to close with a flourish. You won't find a Mexican family reunion without the food being the center of attention. Among the most typical dishes for this time are turkey, cod, romeritos, apple salad, Christmas loin or leg, punch, among others. Dinner on December 24 is always a feast!

December 25th at Christmas you will find families gathered again for the famous "reheated", which is nothing more than eating the same dishes that were prepared for Christmas Eve the next day, but for some reason they taste much better. Little by little, right?

May all your dreams and goals come true along with all your loved ones and loved ones with our amazing Fruit Arrangements.


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