Los mitos que existen al invertir en franquicias

An alternative when opening a business is to acquire a franchise, because although they are not without risk, they have a greater chance of success than a business whose model has not been tested.

There are some preconceived ideas about the use of the franchise model to create a new business. Ideas that can be inconvenient if they take too long. I share with you what are some of the myths that people have the most when investing in this type of business:

1. The business runs itself
. A franchise is a risky investment, so for the business to work properly you must assume your responsibility and dedicate time to it.

2. All people are made for business. Franchise models require an entrepreneurial spirit, because, for example, if your vocation has never been customer service and you acquire a franchise for direct sales, the chances of your business failing increase enormously.

3. All businesses can be franchises. Entrepreneurs often have a few store branches and consider that they are ready to turn their dependency into a franchise brand. This is a serious mistake because the process is not simple and requires a high degree of professionalism.

4. Franchises are for millionaires.
You don't need to have a lot of money to buy a franchise, nor can they make you a millionaire overnight. Thinking that a franchise is a way to easily get money without having to work is the first mistake of an investor.

5. Knowing the business does not imply that it can have franchises. Selling shoes is not the same as selling shoe stores. If you want to franchise your business, you must have extensive knowledge of the services involved and the costs.
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