Acción por la salud de las mujeres

May 28, international day of action for women's health

In May 1987, the Latin American and Caribbean Women's Health Network, promoted by a group of activists, agreed to establish Women's Health Day , celebrated for the first time since 1988, by initiating a prevention campaign for the maternal morbidity, coordinated by the World Network of Women for Reproductive Rights and the Health Network.

They complained about autonomy, freedom of reproduction and sexuality of women, their rights, consequences and prohibitions. They raised their voices for the abandonment of birth control without including their participation, demanding without any discrimination the human right to health the best gift for women , not only regarding health in the sexual and reproductive area, but in the breadth of the physical, social and mental, free or low-cost access to contraceptive methods in all its presentations, for the right to perform a legal and safe abortion through a medical act, since when there are risks the fundamental thing is that life prevails for the woman.


Thanks to these permanent campaigns to denounce the provisions as an example; to exert sterilizations on women's bodies against their will, to choose between natural childbirth or cessation where the doctor wants to decide according to their occupations the date of their child's birth.

They are delicate flowers that have a high chance of suffering from breast cancer, due to their biological characteristics, only with prevention, diagnosis and timely treatment would they guarantee their quality of life during their life cycle to be a healthy woman .

Call the florist for elaborate bouquets of flowers , chocolates, look for the best gift for a woman many details to Commemorate Women's Health Day , organize activities such as: forums, conferences, walks, workshops, which encourage to share both experiences and concerns, as well as the actions that are carried out in each case, support for medically diagnosed women, their recovery, nutrition, etc.

The best gift that we have been able to receive is the presence of those who are our voice in this struggle and those calls that they make to raise awareness, motivating with initiative in their actions to advance successfully in the call to the nations, have undoubtedly had A dignified representation of a woman.

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