Día del la libertad de expresión

"Freedom of expression is a basic, constitutional, fundamental human right: inherent and necessary to human nature, it is a catalyst of wills and a repressive mechanism of physical violence.

It contributes to the exercise of other fundamental rights and freedoms such as freedom of the press, the rights of assembly, association, petition and political participation .

The limitation of freedom of expression prevents the individual from expressing their own ideas and prevents the necessary information from reaching the interested party for proper decision-making. A little history

In Mexico , Freedom of Expression Day dates back to the times of Don Benito Juárez García, former president of Mexico, who legislated for Mexicans to express themselves freely, a right that was lacking during the Porfiriato.

Even when this right was restricted, many journalists from their trenches fought to express their opinions, such is the case of María Luisa Ross Landa , from Tulancingu, who was the first Mexican reporter to become a journalist during the Revolution.

The fight for freedom of expression belongs to all of us, since it is the fight for the freedom to express our own individualism. Respecting the freedom of others to say anything, no matter how offensive we consider it, is respecting our own freedom of speech.

The free manifestation of ideas is enshrined in our Magna Carta in articles 6 and 7; by the government of President Miguel Alemán Valdéz , established June 7, 1951 as the Day of Freedom of Expression in Mexico .

President Echeverría, in 1976, adds to this celebration, the delivery on this day, of the National Journalism Award to the most outstanding members of the written and electronic press for their work developed during the previous year in the various journalistic genres."

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