Regalar dulces no habla bien de tu amor

Enough of always giving the same.

Possibly you still can't find the perfect gift for that special person, you may be thinking of a dinner, dance, perfume, etc. The possibilities are almost unlimited. Although many end up choosing the most traditional, such as a box of chocolates, sweets and a stuffed animal (again).

Have you ever wondered what ingredients those candies or chocolates are made of? And that is something that should matter to you, because if you love that person so much, you would do everything to give them the best, right? And that also includes what he or she is going to eat.

Well, behind some "innocent" colored sweets there is a series of additives that have been highly questioned or banned in other countries, such is the case of tartrazine. Tartrazine is a yellow dye which has been banned in several European countries for being a possible carcinogen, causing allergic reactions and hyperactivity in children.

Before that I ask you, do you want that person you love to eat something that contains tartrazine? I honestly think not, unless you want to poison her.

And if you want to give it the best, why not give it something rich, healthy and nutritious? And what is healthier than fruit and real chocolate, which contains a lot of magnesium that is important for hundreds of bodily functions. So your best alternative is our incredible FRUIT ARRANGEMENTS which are beautifully designed with the perfect combination of fresh fruits that will dazzle anyone.

Enough of the same, I think that this Day of Love and Friendship you must be creative, different and innovative to show your love.

Give him a delicious FRUIT ARRANGEMENT and show him how much you care about his health and well-being. Well, there is no greater act of love than giving it the best you can, so don't think about it anymore, there are many varieties and fruit arrangement designs waiting for you.

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