Añade algo especial y delicioso a tu altar de muertos
The Day of the Dead is a very special date in Mexico, it is a tradition that distinguishes us in a unique way from the rest of the countries of the American continent, the origin of this beautiful tradition dates back to pre-Columbian times and has evolved through Over the years, this tradition is currently threatened by the influence of the American holiday of Halloween, which is why it is important to become aware of the importance of preserving our beautiful traditions.
In this season it is best to decorate and fill the altar of the dead with color and flavor, but we are not always so original with the elements that we put on it, that is why we repeat the usual decorations and foods such as the sugar skull, floral arrangements and the pan de muerto, wouldn't it be great to vary it a bit and add something unique and different? Wouldn't it be better to try something new and delicious that tells someone special I DIE FOR YOU? At CÓMEME ARREGLOS FRUTALES we have something great for you to achieve this goal.
The Fruit Arrangements are a magnificent option very different from the typical floral arrangements, they are also a healthy choice made up of delicious fruit, our special arrangements will give a shine and unique personality to your altar of the dead, starting with our fabulous fruti boo and calavera boo, which are inspired by the traditional skulls that fill our pantheons and Day of the Dead parties in Mexico with color and joy.

Fruit arrangements always shine and attract attention, they are perfect to win in the traditional altar contests organized in schools and offices, everyone will praise your originality and good taste when they see these delicious skulls, which by the way are made up of a fine selection of healthy fruits that everyone will love.

Our delicious fruti boo arrangement and our original calavera boo are not the only options we have, our skull boxes are also a delicious option, they are very colorful and very reminiscent of the colors and elements that we associate with the day of the dead, on the other part, if what you want is to organize a costume party or something similar, these cute boxes will become the star of the night, everyone will die to try their content.

Now you know! Fruit arrangements are a unique and special option for the Day of the Dead, consult our website or visit our branches, we have excellent prices and all the flavor of the season, what are you waiting for? Remember that at comeme fruit arrangements WE DIE FOR YOU and we are experts in creating unforgettable moments

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