Celebra con Cómeme el día de los enamorados ❤️

Despite the belief of its commercial origin, February 14 is a holiday of Christian origin that is celebrated annually or as a commemoration of the good works carried out by Saint Valentine of Rome, related to the universal concept of love and affection.

Despite the recognition of Valentine's Day by Rome as the founder and initiator of the holiday on February 14, this did not weaken the main legend on which the holiday is based: at the time when Christianity was prohibited by Claudius II, Saint Valentín, who thought that there was no need to put up barriers of love, was in charge of officiating the

secret ceremonies. Claudio II, upon learning of the marriage vows that the saint was making, ordered him to be captured and brought before him to excuse himself; Apparently, Claudio had no intention other than to rebuke him and banish him, but due to the influence of other high officials, he had Saint Valentine executed on February 14, 270.

Centuries later, Pope Gelasio I decided to sanctify Valentine and add the day of his death to the liturgical calendar, thus establishing a universal festival around love and the saint who personified it.

Currently, Valentine's Day is synonymous with love and friendship, it is the day when lovers meet to share and enjoy unique and unrepeatable moments, however, we know that material gifts are not the most important thing, but in these times, During this health contingency -which we still do not know when it will end-, the lack of physical contact with friends, family and loved ones has been one of the consequences that has affected people the most emotionally. That's why at cómeme we have the best option so that you can celebrate this special day with your loved ones, without putting them or putting yourself at risk, you can use our online shopping services to let that special person know that you remembered the date and that you prepared a gift in advance. You may not be able to physically accompany them, but you can remind them that you are thinking of them.



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