Feliz día de la Mujer ♀️!!
Without a doubt, year after year, Women have taken on a more important role in society, and to remember it, a special day is celebrated for all of them, but the beginning of this celebration goes much further than just choosing a day to celebrate, but What really happened?
On March 8, 1857, women who worked in the textile industry in New York organized a strike. They fought for fairer wages and better working conditions. But the moment they raise their voices, the police officers stop them. And it was not until 51 years later, on March 8, 1908, when a transcendental event marked the history of work throughout the world, 15,000 women took to the streets of New York again to demand a salary increase, fewer hours of work , right to vote and prohibit child labor.
But it really wasn't until 1977 when International Women's Day was made official by the UN and until then only working women were celebrated, and not only alluded to the demonstrations that paralyzed the industry in 1908, but also paid tribute to women who died in the Triangle Shirtwaist textile factory fire, when their bosses decided to block the exits to prevent them from leaving their jobs in the factory.

It was not easy for women to take their first steps outside the home and today there is almost no place where women cannot work. Over the years, the presence and participation of women in business development and in the creation of new business has increased dramatically.

We want to celebrate that being a woman means being light and strength forever, dedicating yourself to work, family and friends with love and passion, always dividing yourself to give the best of yourself. Being a woman is a privilege and you should be proud of what you have achieved and what you can become.

Celebrate Women's Day with EAT ME!!!

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