Celebrando la navidad en México. Regala amor y dulcura!

Christmas in Mexico has many traditions and customs, including various family parties.

As well as the typical dishes that make us remember this very special season, where families make the necessary arrangements to meet and enjoy a wide range of typical dishes of these dates such as: Tamales, sweets, Fruit Punch and many more that They make a favorite date for boys and adults. At this time of year when the streets are dressed in colors and joy with Christmas Eve flowers and the houses are illuminated with multicolored lights that denote joy.

Some of the most emblematic celebrations are:

The inns

Las Posadas last nine days; They start on December 16 and end on the 24th of the same month on the eve of Christmas. These celebrations allude to the pilgrimage of Saint Joseph and the Virgin Mary in search of an inn to rest.

the pinatas

A leading actor of the Posadas are the piñatas. For its artisan elaboration, different designs and materials are used; Although today there are many piñata designs, the most traditional is the one that represents a star, from which seven spikes or rays of light come off, symbolizing the seven deadly sins.

The birth

The Birth is something very typical in homes during these dates. The Nativity is a plastic representation of the birth of Jesus; It consists of the placement of ceramic figures that represent the Holy Family inside a manger, which symbolizes the place of birth of the Virgin Mary.

Christmas Eve dinner

In Mexico, the custom is to prepare a hearty dinner on the night of December 24 on the eve of Christmas.

For the occasion, families gather to celebrate the Nativity and give thanks for the blessings received during the year.

New year dinner

To welcome the new year, a special dinner is prepared on the night of December 31. As in the celebration of Christmas Eve, special dishes such as marinated pork loin, pozole, baked pork leg and cider are used to toast.

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