Los mejores regalos saludables para San Valentín

The best healthy gifts for Valentine's Day
They will keep you in mind all year long... A bouquet of strawberries covered in dark chocolate that simulates a bouquet of roses, very original!

Valentine's Day or Day of Love and Friendship is here and you are surely looking for the best gifts for February 14.
Whether you want to give a gift to your partner or to your best friends, the detail is what matters, we know, but how about a different detail? a detail that allows you to demonstrate your interest in the well-being and health of your loved ones.

Here we present the healthiest, simplest and most surprising gifts for February 14; You will surely spend an unforgettable moment.

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Gifts for February 14: share unforgettable details

1. The classic chocolates. But this time they will be dark or bitter chocolates that contain a greater amount of cocoa and antioxidants such as flavonoids. Your good selection of a nutritious and healthy option will be a great detail.

2. Makeup. If you want to surprise an important woman in your life, there is no fail, natural makeup can be an incredible option. Always choose well-known brands to avoid risks with unsuitable products for the skin.
Opt for those that are hypoallergenic and with sunscreen, preferably over 30; this will prevent premature aging of the skin and sunburn.

3. Massage with aromatherapy. You can stimulate your partner's senses with aromas of intense and refreshing notes, for example oils, or essences with a citrus scent, avoid those very sweet aromas, since for many men, these are too strong.

4. Skipping rope. There are different materials and qualities; from the simplest and cheapest to more sophisticated options, no matter which one you opt for, the benefits in improving physical condition are invariable.

5. Sunglasses. Choose those that have UV protection. We are starting the year and in the coming months, you will surely appreciate this valuable and well thought out detail.
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Another option that does not fail is to cook a delicious menu full of love for your partner.

The Ministry of Health (Ssa) recommends eating at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day, we have an option for you to achieve it with your partner:
They can avoid the so-called unhealthy "snacking" with red berries that evoke the color of this Valentine's Day.

For example, strawberries covered in dark chocolate, like banderillas that simulate a bouquet of roses: very original!
List@s for a healthy Valentine?

Bouquet of strawberries with chocolate eat me

Original article by: Ingrid Consuelo Silva Palma sumedico.com

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