8 de marzo - Día Internacional de la Mujer
Many joys you bring to my life, companion and faithful friend, through thick and thin, a sweet and supportive woman where we share family joys with you.
One only knew my mother in the first instance and why not say it because now you are the mother of my children a woman with dedication and care with unique details I am still in love with life since she has my two loved ones alive girlfriend wife and my dear mother.
We have never been alone in the family since I can remember because my mother has always been there first because she is the one who gave us all her support in the family and your Mary arrived 17 years ago.
Being together things are always easier to solve but if we are with family there are no problems that make us go back because your wife with that great affection that you always have, you always encourage us for that problem that must be solved.
I am truly grateful to you and your way of being, without a doubt you are valuable, strong, understanding and a great woman, that is my mother who gave me being and she, Mary, my wife.

"I am from Generation Equality: For the rights of women".

Without a doubt, women in the society in which we live play a very important role; Those who are single mothers definitely take the lead, since it is not easy to act as father and mother at the same time, nor is it easy to provide shelter, food, shoes and school. It may be that in this matter not all with the same efficiency but without a doubt all women who are single give everything to see a happy, healthy and fulfilled child; They do not ask for help for what they consider an obligation to have a son (daughter) being a single mother and there is no doubt that she has her problems but for them that is not a problem what is worth to them is the satisfaction of seeing their children achieve their achievements .
In general, all women today deserve that respect that I assure society owes them.
This Sunday March 8 to all the women congratulations and a sincere appreciation to all of them.

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