Dia de la secretaria en Comeme.

The Secretary's Day in Mexico is celebrated every year on the third Wednesday of July , being its next on July 19, 2017.

This date was instituted by the president of the Executive Secretaries of Mexico in 1958 with the aim of recognizing the work of these people who are always aware of what is happening at work and try to solve everything within their reach. .

At the beginning, this celebration was held on December 3, then it was transferred to July 24 to later change again and take place on the third Wednesday of July, a date that has not been changed to date.

It is extremely important to recognize the very important work that they do, since it is part of their daily task, from the preparation for an optimal scenario in the office, the review of the boss's daily agenda, the preparation of the documents required for the meetings and even the calls to buy the forgetful Boss's present for his wife.

Our most sincere appreciation.

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