El regalo ideal para sorprender a papá.

The ideal gift to surprise dad.

It is common that a few dates before Father's Day is celebrated, many people still feel undecided about what to give their dad, we constantly want to make an original gift but due to a lack of creativity or simply because of excessive busyness, we end up making gifts for Always, given this panorama, it is logical that the expectations that dad has are not exactly high, he knows what he will receive and that makes Father's Day a bit boring.

Something highly advisable is to think about what dad feels great taste for and merge it with something else he loves, thus achieving a varied and classy present. A perfect idea is to emphasize his love for sports, in disciplines such as soccer or American football are usually very much to dad's liking and combine that passion with the distinctive and delicious flavor of a fruit arrangement.

That's why in cómeme arrejos frutales we have prepared varied and artistic arrangements especially for you to shine this Father's Day, our arrangements are made up of the best in terms of fruits and gourmet chocolate, they are also carefully designed to be an exquisite experience of flavor, of which dad surely dad will talk a lot with friends and family.

Giving a Comeme fruit arrangement on this next Father's Day represents many other advantages, one of them lies in how showy they are and how good they look when making the delivery, if dad is in his work area when receiving This present will surely feel very pleased with the experience of being able to show off to his classmates the nice gift that his son had the attention to prepare for him.

Our designs are inspired by the shapes, colors and textures of the balls with which the great players in the world (whom dad surely admires and respects) make plays worthy of the memory, our father will surely remember with pleasure those fabulous great hours in front of the television or in different sports venues admiring the skills of these athletes.

On many occasions, due to work commitments or the various circumstances of life, we cannot make the delivery personally, so it is also important to point out that at cómeme arrejos frutales we have a reliable and efficient home delivery service that can take the fruit arrangement safe and sound as far as dad is, this adds an extra to the father's day experience because the moment of delivery will be even more surprising and unexpected, thus forming an even more special memory in dad's memory.

By tasting the sweet flavor nuances of our fruit arrangements, you will be able to disconnect from everything and for a moment forget about the stress of the working day, the tension of everyday life, and you will be able to slowly fade between the sweetness of the strawberry and the pleasant aroma of fruit. For example, our arrangement collided with sports daisies, recalls the wonderful baseball games, while papi gol is inspired by the exciting world of soccer, super sports is another of our star arrangements for Father's Day, made up of delicious strawberries and inspired by in american football.

Do not think about it anymore, it is your opportunity to pamper dad with the best, turn this next Father's Day into a dream memory and flavor, go to the branch of eat me closest to your city, or check our online store and find the perfect arrangement for your dad, at comeme fruit arrangements our greatest satisfaction is being able to serve you and give you the best attention to make that perfect gift for dad a reality.

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