Día mundial contra el cáncer de mama
world day against breast cancer

On October 19, the day against breast cancer is celebrated throughout the world as a reminder of the constant fight of women against this pathology, because Western women are the most frequent to suffer from it.

This day aims to create awareness in society about research and early diagnosis of this disease, since studies show that 1 in 8 women suffer from this cancer.

breast cancer


It arises due to the need of many health organizations around the world for society to know the importance and impact that this disease has on any human being.

On this day everyone is made aware of what this type of cancer is, its prevention and what to do in case of suffering from it. It is celebrated on October 19 all over the world and its symbol is a light pink ribbon.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer of all, especially in Western women; In Spain alone, around 32,825 cases of this cancer are diagnosed each year.

In fact, according to the World Health Organization, every 30 seconds a new case of cancer is diagnosed, which is why this day seeks to create even more awareness. However, there are many campaigns on this issue that work every day.


Where is it celebrated?

It is celebrated all over the world, by different organizations and associations to continue raising awareness of the second most frequent cancer in the entire world population.

It should be noted that, despite being officially celebrated on October 19, campaigns and propaganda are carried out throughout the month about how to prevent this cancer and how to detect it in time.

What do they do to celebrate it?

On this day, town halls, foundations, associations and some companies decorate their spaces with the pink ribbon representing the fight against breast cancer . There are many spaces that also place posters and photos.

Many people also share informative images about the prevention of this cancer through their social networks. On this day (and throughout the month), they celebrate it by giving informative workshops on cancer.

In the television media you can also see campaigns about how to touch yourself to detect breast cancer , as well as the centers where these tests are carried out to detect and treat it.

In information centers such as universities and colleges, it is common for conferences to be held this month to study and analyze the advances in cancer research.

There are also foundations that hold races for people suffering from this disease with the intention of motivating them and showing them that everyone can overcome this disease together.

Finally, throughout this month there are also organizations that set up donation booths for cancer research and to help low-income people who need this treatment.

How to detect breast cancer?

Despite the fact that hospitals carry out these tests to diagnose breast cancer in time, it is possible to detect and locate it by ourselves. This is a lesson that they are in charge of disseminating during the month of October.

To do it at home, we just have to touch the lower part of the breast and look for a lump the size of a hazelnut. This lump is not painful and is like a dense mass that is hard and immobile to the touch.

In addition to a lump, breast cancer can also be an asymmetric abnormality or a retracted nipple, that is, in an inverted position to what it should be. You should also keep in mind that this is noticeable on only one nipple, not both.

Finally, it can also be witnessed with a discolored areola, changes in the skin texture of that area, an increase in the visible veins in the area, and a change in size throughout the breast.

You should also know that this exploration must be done every month after menstruation, in the case of each person. When it comes to a woman who does not menstruate, the touch should be done once a month.

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