El Día de la Secretaria en México

Secretary's Day in Mexico

The Secretary's Day in Mexico is celebrated on the third Wednesday of July, falling on July 20, 2016 soon.

The secretary is the one who organizes and manages the calls, the agendas, the meetings, the invoices, the reception of letters and other operational tasks assigned by the boss, director or assisted superior.

No serious Entrepreneur or businessman could say that their work is truly effective without the essential work of a good secretary and although sometimes they are underestimated and do not receive credit for the achievements of the boss or the company, they keep a smile, temper and secret satisfaction as if A mother would see her son succeed.

This secretary's day is time to give them credit and celebrate!

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Celebration Suggestions:

Secretary boyfriends can: Publicly send the office some original detail or gift out of the ordinary. Bouquets of roses with chocolate strawberries are an idea that is very fashionable and women love them. In this way they also make it known that this cute secretary has someone who loves her and takes care of her.
The heads of secretaries can: You can order a healthy breakfast at the desk of your secretary, or they can ask for details, fruits or chocolates for all the secretaries in the office making a public tribute to thank their contribution.
The children of secretaries can: You can give him a nice gift, something he needs, every good secretary always carries an agenda at hand, so this is always a good option to give to administrators.
Friends of secretaries can: You can organize a party for her on her day, who is always there when we need her, who always knows everything and is in everything, you can rent a place and invite the whole company, the surprise will be very nice.

Historically, the date was instituted by the president of the Executive Secretaries of Mexico in 1958 with the aim of recognizing the work of these people who are always on the lookout for maintaining the essential efficiency in the administrative and auxiliary aspects of any company.

So get ready to celebrate that special someone.

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Secretary's Day in Mexico

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