Celebra el día del ingeniero mexicano

A day to exalt Mexican engineers , they deserve from flower arrangements , gifts for men, entertainment, recognition to all their preparation based on problem solving; programming with planning, organization, directing with protective zeal to execute with meticulous success the construction and industrial assembly of all types of engineering works .

On July 1, 1974, Engineer's Day is celebrated, it is in the middle of a celebration of Lawyer's Day on July 12, 1973 that the idea arises in the person who held the position of Secretary of Communication and Transportation, Eng. Eugenio Méndez Docurro , graduated from the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of the National Polytechnic Institute, after many investigations, agreements, and negotiations were carried out, the NATIONAL ENGINEER'S DAY was celebrated at the national level.

Reason for pride to say I am an engineer , build with talent, social commitment, creativity, professionalism, hence the recognition of these great professionals for their contributions to the development of the Country, by using the techniques of invention they become the pillar professionals in training of modern societies.

They apply techniques with creativity, perfection, with the invention of their imaginative capacity to create things that do not exist, an elementary platform for development both socially and in the economy of a nation. They acquire through the study knowledge, direction and mastery of physics, mathematics, as well as other sciences, their experiences and practice are applied judiciously to develop efficient ways of handling materials and the power of nature for the prosperity of humanity and the environment.

Review in a copy of Forbes magazine; “Mexico is one of the 18 most important economies in the world, but it suffers from a strong talent mismatch, which means that many job vacancies are not covered. The reason is the shortage of professionals with the necessary skills”, referring to the engineer.

In view of such high responsibility that involves behavior and moral values, ethical conduct must prevail when approving, developing or supervising plans or projects, where responsibility, security and commitment must prevail above all when executing , develop or supervise a safe project; judgment capacity, to evaluate the consequences of their decisions for the successful conception of the final product.

Happy Engineer's Day to all graduates, students and teachers of all engineering careers.

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