¡Feliz día de las Madres!

In Mexico, on May 10, 1922, it was declared a special day to celebrate Mothers. From this date on, every day on May 10, regardless of what day of the week it is, Mother's Day is celebrated.

This tradition has become one of the most celebrated holidays in Mexico, where Mexican families gather to celebrate their Mothers.

In this celebration we pay tribute to a fundamental member of the family nucleus. Mothers are the beginning of life, protection, joy and hope. Being a mother represents unconditional love and support in their development as people.


Commemorating the love of a mother is not a specific day, every day is a special occasion to celebrate and share with our mothers. There are many things you can do to celebrate this day.


At cómeme we take that day very seriously, which is why we put all our effort and dedication into the fruit arrangements that we prepare every year for this special date, innovating and improving designs; Do not think twice and make your purchase in advance with us.


Don't run out of an arrangement for mom!!! Eat me, creating unforgettable moments.

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