¡Feliz Día de Muertos!

The Day of the Dead is a very traditional festivity for Mexicans, lovingly remembering our ancestors, who are believed to return that night to taste everything that is placed on the altar as their favorite food and the drink they liked the most.


This day, more than an absence, life is celebrated, people go to the cemeteries during the celebration to visit the graves of dead relatives and friends. But they are not in mourning or empty-handed, rather they arrive with offerings for their loved ones and thus keep the memory of the deceased alive in their hearts and in the minds of their family members.


Today more than ever, dare to give love, that is what this celebration is about, to remember how beautiful life is, not only to celebrate those who have already left, but also to those who continue to share this celebration with us, in Cómeme We have the ideal detail to share with your loved ones. Come and enjoy our arrangements alluding to the dates and collect one of the traditional Day of the Dead bases.

Dare to love with Eat Me!

This year it was the Catrín
who came to eat me,
he brought the Catrina
with whom he confessed:
"I have a girlfriend
who I really love,
I have not conquered her
nor with a skull arrangement ”.
The angry Catrina
he asked Catrín
"Who is that lover?
And where did you meet her?!"
“It was at the good end
spending the day of the dead
she bought a box halloween
with strawberries from the orchards.
La Catrina realized
who he was talking about was her
she was very happy
and felt in the stars.
After this confession
don't leave me standing here
I ask for your attention"
and the Catrín said to him thus:
“By testing these arrangements
you are going to discover
that even inside my desires
I love you to death."


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