¡Feliz día de la Independencia!
This year marks the 212th anniversary of our independence, this day the entire country is paralyzed, nobody works and there is no school either, since it is one of the most representative and exciting dates for all Mexicans, full of history and deep feelings.
While waiting for September 16, millions of Mexicans sing a ¡Viva México! In the already well-known "Mexican Night", in all the states there are celebrations and parties on September 15 at midnight in commemoration of the famous "Grito de Dolores" given by the priest Hidalgo recognized as the father of the country and on September 16 they organizes a great parade through all the streets of Mexico where school children march.

In our Mexican parties it is customary to dine with very typical dishes of our country such as pozole, tostadas, golden tacos and many more snacks, this year do not miss out on dessert and give the Mexican cry with Cómeme that brings you a variety of fruit arrangements inspired by our flag, we also have plates to share with the whole family and friends, and if you are one of those who throws a really big party we have a variety of chocolate fountains, towers of strawberries decorated with gourmet chocolate or platters with assorted fruit skewers.

At Cómeme Arreglos Frutales we are experts creating unforgettable moments, so don't miss the opportunity to make your event the best with the most original arrangements made with dedication and very high standards of quality, flavor and design.

Shout Long live Mexico! with eat me

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