¡Feliz día de los Abuelos!

Grandparents are a fundamental pillar and a great support for children, when the grandchildren have a problem they transmit peace of mind and great affection, however, the benefit is mutual, since grandparents are also emotionally enriched by contact With her grandchildren.

Our grandparents are leaving us a legacy of family values ​​and traditions, and the best inheritance they could give us: their wisdom, since with their years of life they have learned things that we still cannot imagine, they are giving us their best advice and especially your patience.

Every day we can thank our grandparents for everything they have shared with us, we do not necessarily have to wait every year to congratulate them, however, August 28 is an opportunity for many grandchildren who are not close to their grandparents, they You can go visit them and give them a detail, that even if it is minimal, the important thing is to be together.

At cómeme we take into account the importance of grandparents in the lives of all grandchildren, which is why every year on these special dates we have a catalog designed especially for the kings of wisdom and our hearts, innovating in a healthy and delicious way.

This grandparent's day, do not miss out on giving an arrangement eat me.

With comeme you give unforgettable moments!

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