5 pasos para tener una franquicia exitosa


One of the ways to start a business is through acquiring a franchise, which is why many investors analyze all the possibilities of succeeding in their new acquisition. Therefore, I invite you to analyze 5 steps that you can follow before acquiring your new branch:

  • Choose a market with a need
  • There are hundreds of businesses that you can start covering the needs that society constantly has or, you can look for those more particular and emerging needs of the changing lifestyle these days. Analyze well the sector you want to focus on and if it has the capacity to grow.

  • Offer a service that can meet that need in an innovative way
  • Once you have analyzed your market and the need that it demands, think about the qualities that your product or service has and how it can meet that demand from society (value proposition-functionality), also make sure that it is a product or service that is accessible to replicate.

  • brand positioning
  • Many companies that have had the best ideas and products achieve success thanks to the fact that they have made their brand part of the team that works for them.

    The brand is not only a name and a logo, it is the effort of a whole team that works every day to achieve the objectives. In addition, investing in marketing and advertising crowns a good positioning of the brand.

  • Drive franchisee growth
  • One of the best supports that a franchise can give you is the ease of growing within it. Always seek to be a partner that contributes ideas and that your proposals are heard.

  • Get the most out of the expertise
  • One of the great advantages of having a franchise is that it is already a functional business that has documented all its successes and delivers them to you systematized, so easy for you to replicate it and not suffer from rookie situations. Think of all the money you'll be saving by following a proven method and still supporting you through the implementation process of your new business.

    At cómeme arrejos frutales we have devised plans in which people who want to start their own franchise have the opportunity to grow as fast as they want. For this reason, I invite you to analyze our franchise models and listen to advice to start your next franchise.

    Visit us in our franchise section and chat with one of our advisors.

    Zaida Mendoza

    Eat Me Franchise Coordinator

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