Cinco razones para emprender un negocio

I have heard from people around me who are worried that their job is not secure or that now it is important to have extra income because living only on one salary is not enough in this hectic life.

Before, it was so easy to obtain places in government positions, companies offered greater privileges and the issue of retirement was so assured that, when you reached 40 years of age, you could travel without worries or do what you always dreamed of.

Now, all of that would be a fluke, because everything has definitely changed.

Companies only hire you for short periods that you cannot score to obtain a retirement and even if it goes well, you would spend your whole life with long working hours sacrificing time that you can spend with your family.

I was terrified of falling into that scenario. For this reason, starting a business was the best solution I could have at this time in which we live, the truth is that I was also afraid of investing all my savings in a business that might not work as planned, but researching about how to start a profitable business I discovered that acquiring a franchise is the safest thing to do when you have no idea how to start a business and here I leave you the 5 reasons that are the most vital for me:

  1. Reduce risks: By acquiring a franchise you have the security of a proven business that will definitely pay off.

  2. Time: Owning a franchise will give you the freedom to have more time available. Being a business model thought that everything is directed by processes that your staff can carry out.

  3. Knowledge: When you are in a franchise you receive feedback from the other members of the corporate and support at all times.

  4. Opportunity for growth: Of course, when you start a franchise and start to have a surge in all your income, many franchises allow you to gradually acquire new branches with certain discounts or more flexible agreements.

  5. You get a well-positioned Brand: Having the trademark means that this company has been successful and has reached the point of making it their own, so that it is exclusive.

Franchises are the best thing that can happen to all of us with an entrepreneurial spirit who have not yet dared to take that successful step. Of course, not all franchises are for you or me, it depends a lot on the goals you want to achieve, the budget you want to invest and how much you want to achieve.

So, I invite you to search for your future business now, I recommend you enter our franchise section and analyze the different models we have to see which one best suits your aspirations.

Zaida Mendoza
Franchise Coordinator Eat Me Fruit Arrangements,in%20franchisee%20de%20the%20same.

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