Perhaps you are wondering if starting a franchise is a good idea in these times of crisis and a changing environment where it seems that everyone has wonderful ideas but for fear of failure they do not realize their dreams.

Starting a business, everyone wants to start, but it's not that easy, right?


Statistically, according to INEGI, 75% of entrepreneurs who start a project fail to exceed the 2nd year after opening due to lack of experience, poorly planned strategies, indebtedness and lack of knowledge in marketing, among other factors.


Franchises are one of the most viable options to undertake. Why? In this blog we will analyze some of the advantages that starting a franchise offers you and how you can acquire a branch with us.


A franchise is a business model that has already gone through a refinement and training process, which makes it a proven business and which, in turn, can offer you many benefits that reduce the risk of starting a business from scratch.

The advantages of acquiring a Franchise:

  • You receive advice from the corporate throughout the implementation and journey of your new branch.

  • You take advantage of all the marketing and publicity generated by the brand.

  • You have manuals and advice in each process of preparing your products

  • You have the opportunity to grow financially

  • You belong to a community of franchisees where they can share experiences that help them grow.

  • Use the website with brand recognition

  • Years of experience in the market

Now that we have analyzed the advantages of a Cómeme Franchise, the only thing you can do is ask for advice from one of our executives and start planning your next path to business success.

When making a consultation with one of our advisors, we carry out a feasibility study in the area in which you want to start your own branch.

We wish you could join this great family and grow together with us!

Zaida Mendoza

Franchise Coordinator



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